Intensa Fire Store Offers New Xbox 360 Controller Mods to Fight Realistic Battles

August 28, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
NEW YORK - Today, more and more gamers spend hours on end disposing of their opponents in war-themed video games. The games they played have also changed, by becoming increasingly realistic and graphic to keep gamers interested.

Gamers find themselves immersed in believable battlefield situations, which can leave them with important lessons of coordination, strategy and patience.

Game designers can create these realistic fighting scenarios by gaining admission to real military facilities. Due to the game's realistic insight of actual military behavior, military recruiters use them to convince potential recruits to sign up.

In "Medal of Honor: Warfighter," which is set to release October 23, the single-player mode storyline is written by actual U.S. Tier 1 Operators, and even features real soldiers from all over the world in is multiplayer mode.

Because the game succeeds in placing the player inside the world of military warfare, they are found to both entertain and teach valuable lessons. However, some critics are concerned that such violent games make light of the seriousness of war.

The Cons of Playing Violent Games
Those whom oppose the new, increasingly graphic war games on the market, believe gamers who play such games will eventually have senses dull to human suffering. Consistent exposure to death, even fictitious video game death, can lead to a numbness toward cruelty in the real world.

Even the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Army opposed a war simulation game for its disturbing content. "Medal of Honor" was a video game set in post-September 11, Afghanistan, and received controversy over letting gamers play as Taliban soldiers whose objective was to kill American troops.

For the many U.S. veterans and civilians who were personally effected by the war, this game's feature was viewed as disrespectful and too much, too soon.

The Pros of Playing Intense Video Games
Even though the criticism is valid, playing such engrossing games can benefit the player's reaction time, hand-eye coordination and concentration. The training routines of professionals ranging from surgeons to athletes all use video games to improve their skills.

When gamers focus on not getting shot, moving around the map and aiming their weapons, they are greatly improving their multitasking ability, which is helpful in the real world. Other skills like puzzle-solving and strategic thought can also benefit from gaming, as they demonstrate that every action has a reaction.

The combat training of the U.S. Army even utilizes the technology found in such video games. Even for non-combat troops like interpreters, medics and interrogators can benefit from playing first-person shooter games.

Moderation is Key
The majority of gamers are able to reap the benefits of war related video games without the negative consequences that many fear, leaking into their real life behavior. War is a serious issue that drastically impacts lives all over the world. Although it should be revered, video games focused on such subject matter can teach gamers several vital life lessons.

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