Barrister & Solicitor David Anber Marks 1,000th Case With Acquittal

August 22, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The legal team of David Anber, one of the hardest fighting criminal lawyers in Ottawa, announced it recently completed its 1,000th case with an acquittal, marking another success and new milestone for the firm which handles a wide variety of criminal cases for individuals in Ottawa, Toronto and across the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

"We hit our 1,000th case recently with an acquittal of a client who had been accused of driving while disqualified and obstruction of a police officer," said David Anber, Barrister and Solicitor, B.A., LL.L., LL.B. "This was an excellent way for me to highlight 1,000 cases of diligent representation for my clients, trying to advance each and every right available to them to defend their interests in court."

Anber said in this case police accused his client of switching places with his wife from driver's seat to passenger in an effort to avoid being found guilty of driving under a restricted license. The client, says Anber, maintained steadfastly that his wife had driven the car the entire time, as he was honoring his drivers' status and because he also had an injury to his hand.

"This marked one more case where we knew we had the range of legal prowess and sense on our side to defeat the charges brought against our client," Anber said.

In addition, Anber's firm also recently launched its new website, to assist people looking for Ottawa criminal lawyers, and featuring him, his paralegal and the rest of his staff, as well as a new section of recent success stories involving recent cases. Anber said the re-launch was intended to give visitors a more personalized connection with the firm's services for those looking for Ottawa defence lawyers. Mr. Anber has a successful track record in court.

"We don't want to be thought of as just another law firm; we want to be considered one of the best criminal lawyer firms in Ottawa," Anber said. "We are consistently evaluating our online presence and considering tools and features that will tell visitors more about who we are and how we have managed to hit our 1,000th case with confidence and a long string of successes."

About David Anber - The criminal law firm of David Anber handles criminal cases with a specific area of specialty in offence related advocacy involving driving and criminal offences in Ottawa, Toronto and various Provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

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