CNC Indexing Now Offers Ganro Rotary Tables And Indexing Equipment

August 23, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
[WAKEMAN, OH] — It is not easy for manufacturers to find dependable workholding devices to handle both manufacturing indexing and rotating requirements. CNC Indexing and Feeding Technologies is now offering several Ganro Industrial Corporation (Golden Sun) workholding items to do just that. Knowing the correct use and capability of each CNC rotary table can help in choosing the right equipment:

Standard Rotary Tables: The measurements vary from 120mm (4.72") to 800mm (31.49") in faceplate diameter and may be utilized as a completely revolving axis integrated into a machine's control or as indexers with Ganro's M-Mate AC servo controller. These can be installed in vertical and horizontal positions and also feature big thru-holes for optimum versatility.

Large Rotary Tables: Available in 1000mm (40") to 2500mm (98") faceplate diameters, these tables could be put to use as a full rotating axis included in a machine's control or as indexers with Ganro's M-Mate AC servo controller. These tables and indexers can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Rear Motor Mount: The rear motor mount rotary table style comes in the typical 170mm (6.69") and 250mm (9.84") faceplate diameters and can be utilized as a complete rotating axis integrated into a machine's control or even as an indexer with Ganro's M-Mate AC servo controller.

Tilt Rotary Tables: CNC Indexing features 3 different Ganro standard rotary tables to allow for a wide array of 4- and 5-axis manufacturing specifications.

1. Standard Tilt: A trunnion layout using faceplate diameters from 320mm (12.59") to 800mm (31.49"). This design provides sufficient space for workholding and workpiece, as well as enough room for the machine's spindle and tool.
2. Compact Tilt: This style can be purchased in faceplate dimensions of 150mm (5.90"), 200mm (7.87") and 250mm (9.84"), which is perfect for smaller-sized machining centers plus more compact workpieces.
3. Manual Tilt: Made using a full 4th axis (rotating axis) along with a manually operated tilting axis, this table can be found in 200mm (7.87") to 630mm (24.80"). It is perfect when a tilting axis will only be needed from time to time.

Horizontal Rotary Table: This rotary table design is available in table tops from 400mm (15.74") to 2500mm (98.42") square. The horizontal CNC rotary tables may be put to use in a number of aspects of production; however, they are great for horizontal boring mill needs. The HR Series style is often utilized as a full rotating axis included in a machine's control or as an indexer with Ganro's M-Mate AC servo controller. These are intended for horizontal mounting and have substantial weight capabilities for big workpieces.

Horizontal Index Tables: CNC Indexing features two kinds of Ganro horizontal index tables designed for both manually operated and automated production operations. Both series make use of a 2-piece Hirth coupling design, providing exceptional indexing precision while keeping high rigidity.

1. CNC Index Table: These tables are clamped and unclamped using hydraulics and can be integrated into a machine's CNC control or even controlled using Ganro's M-Mate AC servo control system.
2. Manual Index Tables: These tables are clamped and unclamped pneumatically or hydraulically. When unclamped, the sequence will be manually indexed for the preferred degree and then firmly clamped into position.

Face Gear Rotary Tables: The Face Gear Rotary Tables have a 3-piece Hirth combining style to prevent lifting at the time of rotation. With a Hirth coupling, heavy loads can be mounted even while providing high rigidity and precision. These types of tables are mainly utilized in applications integrating a powerful tailstock with a tombstone or fixture plate. It may be incorporated into a machine's control or even operated by using a Ganro's AC servo controller. The index tables come in 4 faceplate sizes (250mm, 320mm, 400mm & 500mm).

CNC rotary tables can offer an answer with regard to turning and indexing smaller sized workpieces to large workpieces, intended for up and down as well as side to side uses, for 4-axis and 5-axis work and also for manually operated and automated applications.

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