Jildy iPhone App Allows Facebook Users to Connect with the People They Care About by Filtering, Searching, and Clustering Inside Facebook

August 28, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Mobile App Delivers on the Original Promise of Social Media

PALO ALTO, Calif., — August 28, 2012 — Jildy, an iPhone app that allows users to search, filter and automatically cluster friends in their Facebook newsfeed, launched today and is now available in the Apple AppStore. Jildy delivers a 60-second overview of a user's Facebook newsfeed by creating compelling visual summaries of posts, active friends, and personal trending topics.

The original promise of social networking was to allow people to stay close to the friends and topics important to them. Now that many Facebook users have many hundreds of friends, their newsfeeds have become an overwhelming torrent of posts. Jildy delivers on the original promise of social networking by allowing these users to regain control of their newsfeeds, to reconnect with important people, and to stay on top of the topics that really matter to them.

Jildy is a word meaning 'quickly', and that is exactly what the app does: it gives users a 60-second overview of how their friends naturally cluster (or group) in their social graph, and which of those friends are actively posting; it also provides a keyword-based filtering mechanism to see just the posts related to any desired topic.

"Psychologists call the underlying problem FOMO Fear Of Missing Out," said Mark Drummond, CEO of Jildy. "A Facebook user needs a quick and easy way to be sure that if something interesting is going on, that they know about it, in just a few seconds. The problem is particularly acute in a mobile context, where small screens and short time-slots of use mean that the traditional desktop-based newsfeed browsing model is seriously broken."

Jildy helps make the Facebook newsfeed more manageable; delivering to users the information they really want. The app automatically clusters friends based on an analysis of mutual friendships, and then displays large profile pictures for friends who are active in a cluster, and small profile pictures for friends who are less active. This allows the user to zoom in quickly on active clusters and active friends. Jildy's graphical display helps deliver on the initial promise of social media: helping users to connect with the important people in their lives.

Features of Jildy include:

  • Search Type in any keyword and Jildy will graphically display all matching posts. No other App provides Facebook users with this ability.
  • Filter Set up keyword-based filters that display only the posts that match one of the keywords. All matching posts are graphically displayed in an easy-access photo grid. Whether the posts are from 10 seconds ago or 10 hours ago, a user is able to see all the posts that matter to them on any given topic.
  • Clusters Jildy automatically groups mutual friends and gives a visual representation of which friends are posting a lot and which are not. Jildy also automatically clusters friends by gender, and by geographic location.
  • Alerts Jildy sends a push notification to the user's iPhone when it finds a post that matches a predefined filter. Notifications can also easily be set for automatically formed clusters of friends. Push notifications allow Jildy users to stay up-to-date on important trends and posts in real time.
  • Personal trending topics For the newsfeed, and for any set of search results, Jildy can display a set of personal trending topics. These topics reflect common word patterns in the posts shared by the user's friends. The topics make it clear what the user's friends are talking about, inside Facebook. Just by tapping on a topic, the user can run a search, and Jildy will return only the posts that match the topic.

  • To download Jildy, go to http://j.mp/tojildy . The Jildy app is available on the iPhone, the iPod Touch and on the Web at www.jildy.com.

    About Jildy
    Backed by DFJ and KPG Ventures, Jildy is a startup with significant intellectual property assets, including a deep and robust set of patents that cover social search, social graph clustering and many other aspects of search and social media. Jildy leverages these patents to build products that help users get the most out of social media, delivering on Social Media's original promise. Jildy's iOS app enables Facebook users to group, filter, and search their network and newsfeed, providing a quick, personalized and visual summary of posts, trends, and active friends. Jildy has offices in Palo Alto, California and Belgrade, Serbia. More information can be found at www.jildy.com.