Windows Anti-Malware Patch is Another Fake Antimalware Created by Thieving Scammers

September 01, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Anti-Malware Patch has a primary objective of convincing PC users that their system is populated with different types of malware, and that it must be removed with a registered copy of Windows Anti-Malware Patch. In presenting this case, Windows Anti-Malware Patch will tempt PC users with misleading pop-up alerts and later conduct presumed system scans. Usually the system scan results make a convincing case to the PC user that their system has multiple threats that should be removed. Naturally, an impressionable PC user would then seek the Windows Anti-Malware Patch application for removal of those purported threats.

Windows Anti-Malware Patch is not a solution to malware threats. Windows Anti-Malware Patch is, in fact, a scam. Windows Anti-Malware Patch comes from a particular group of hackers who intend on taking a PC user's money in return for a bogus security application. The family of hackers has a large population of fake security programs related to Windows Anti-Malware Patch, Many of these programs, such as Win 8 Security System and Windows Active Guard, have virtually identical interfaces.

This family of malware, identified by researchers as the FakeVimes family of rogue antispyware programs, tends to be created on almost a daily basis. Through the creation and marketing of programs like Windows Anti-Malware Patch, PC users will seek removal of these applications. Unfortunately, rogue antispyware programs like Windows Anti-Malware Patch cannot be removed or uninstalled through normal actions within the Windows operating systems. The hackers who created Windows Anti-Malware Patch made it so it could not be easily removed.

In seeking a solution to removing Windows Anti-Malware Patch, PC users may take up use of removal reports released by trusted security sites. One particular removal report, found on at, provides PC users with the necessary resources to eliminate all threats of Windows Anti-Malware Patch.

The video listed here is a visual representation of how a PC user is able to use resources on the Windows Anti-Malware Patch removal report to eliminate the Windows Anti-Malware Patch program. Additionally, the resources found on the report are known to rid a system of other malware threats.

The security researchers, who have released the new Windows Anti-Malware Patch removal report, will continually update the post to reflect any changes or updates within this malware, to better serve PC users wanting to remove Windows Anti-Malware Patch in the future.