Silverstone Provides Retirement Account Consulting and Advisory Services for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

September 02, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As a premier provider of retirement account investing resources, Silverstone helps individuals, families and small businesses in setting up the proper retirement account vehicle. The services provided by Silverstone and its partners have helped thousands of small business owners to recognize their dreams by taking control of the monies found in current IRAs and 401(k) accounts left dormant from previous employers.

In addition, the company works directly with existing entrepreneurs and small business owners to prepare small business 401(k) plans that are tailored specifically to companies with less than 20 employees. In fact, the company fully takes advantage of new legislation that allows small business owners to possess the very same retirement account benefits in a small organization as one might expect if they were working for a Fortune 500 firm. In just about any company scenario, Silverstone can be of assistance to provide expert support for the small business owner and his or her employees.

Recent history has shown that the unemployed and underemployed have found success through tapping previously forbidden IRA and 401(k) accounts in order to invest in more lucrative private ventures and even start their own businesses. In the case of starting 401(k)s for employees, business owners now have the option of not paying anything to start the 401(k), but are simply required to pay the annual management costs. In short, the barriers to entry to obtaining both financing for small business and more appropriate retirement plans has decreased significantly. In many cases, this can alleviate some of the pains small business owners are feeling when it comes to making key decisions for their businesses.

As the country continues to work our way through a prolonged recession, having access to funding sources from you, your friends and your family can often mean the difference between success and failure. Furthermore, having more freedom with what is done with retirement account funds makes it easier to invest in things like private business, real estate, tax liens or other lucrative investment vehicles not had in traditional retirement portfolios.

"As we continue to see the need for tax sheltered retirement account investment vehicles, Silverstone will be there every step of the way to ensure continuity and opportunities are side-by-side with the accounts themselves."