ShieldShare Secure Cloud File Sharing Launched by BlockMaster

September 07, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Offering unmatched cloud storage security ShieldShare from BlockMaster enables convenient file-sharing and sync between desktops and high security devices.

Historically users have had to place undivided trust in storage and service providers, with the patented ShieldShare solution from BlockMaster the user organizations hold their own encryption keys and storage providers cannot access the data in any way. This is in contrast to other available solutions where the encryption takes place on the server and the providers as such own the encryption keys and therefore have access to the data.

ShieldShare means the convenience of file-sharing now finally becomes available even for security-conscious companies and government organizations. Many companies that already use file-sharing have felt pressured to gain productivity benefits and therefore have reluctantly accepted the former lack of security. With ShieldShare they can now make a no-compromise decision and get both maintained productivity and real security.

Anders Kjellander CSO and CISSP at BlockMaster comments:
ShieldShare offers true cloud security where you hold the encryption keys, not the service provider. And all data is encrypted on the clients before touching any server. This is truly a break-through approach. Now local government agencies in Europe can make use of global big brand cloud infrastructure services to enable file sharing without risking breaches to privacy legislation.

Cloud security is the main concern holding back the adoption of new breed solution such as file-sharing technology according to Interxion with 71% of potential customers expressing data loss as their main cloud technology concern. Using ShieldShare all data is encrypted on the desktop prior to being added to central storage which means that data loss is completely avoided. Encryption keys are handled in an automatic PKI infrastructure through a separate key server that the organization controls themselves.

The ShieldShare software is available immediately in BlockMaster's global sales channel.

The ShieldShare Desktop Client is available for Windows and Mac OS x. The ShieldShare USB Client works of SafeConsoleReady secure USB drives (this client has previously been named PIPE). Linux and mobile OS clients are on the road map.
The ShieldShare Key Management Server and ShieldShare Storage Engine can be hosted together or separately on any Windows machine on-premise, in private/public cloud infrastructure or in hybrid mode with maintained security. The installation is straight-forward and demo licenses are available.

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About BlockMaster creator of ShieldShare
BlockMaster's management team has created encryption solutions that protect millions of devices and it brings integral expertise and knowledge leadership from organizations such as Pointsec (Checkpoint) and Mobile Armour (TrendMicro). BlockMaster creator of SafeConsole and SafeStick holds several major patents within encryption, file handling, data leak prevention and antivirus technology. BlockMaster's users are a part of the thousands of organizations worldwide including Fortune Global 500 businesses, government agencies, police and military that have chosen to protect their privacy and manage their sensitive information. Founded in 2004 BlockMaster is listed as one of Europe's fastest growing tech companies by Deloitte.