Florida Keys Yellowtail Fishing closes for Commercial Ventures but remains strong for Recreational Anglers.

September 07, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Yellowtail Snapper Fishing Chum creates successful fishing in the Florida Keys

September 7, 2012 - The commercial fishing for yellowtail snapper in the Florida Keys and other Atlantic ocean areas of south Florida have been closed until 2013. The commercial quota of yellowtail snapper for 2012 has been reached. This closure may affect the recreational snapper fishery in a positive way.

No commercial pressure on the fishing grounds especially in the Florida Keys areas means more schools of yellowtail in more areas.

Less availability of yellowtail at restaraunts and in fish markets would give people a better excuse to go fishing … we gotta eat …right?

Tackle stores selling fishing chum such as Yellowtail Up will see increasing revenue in a slumping market … offshore fishing tackle.

Fishing Chum manufacturers such as Aquatic Nutrition Inc will see increased demand from the bait stores.

More money will be spent at hotels and other business' that service those wanting to fish the Florida Keys.

Fishing for yellowtail snapper in the Florida Keys is a bit different than fishing for other types of fish in Florida. Yellowtail are very line shy and require a lot of fishing chum to get feeding aggressively. If you chum for yellowtail whether commercially or recreationally, the key is to produce a continuous supply of small bits of chum that cloud the water and get the yellowtail to follow the chum away from the bottom and closer to the boat. Very fine line such as fluorocarbon will help fool the yellowtails' eyesight if the fishing chum clouds the water.

The key is to hide your bait in the chum mixture as it drift back to the yellowtail snapper school. If the bait looks natural and like the fishing chum, they will eat it. If it drifts different than the chum… they will avoid it.

Aquatic Nutrition Inc is a manufacturer of Yellowtail Chum as well as Shark Chum, and other reef fishing chums. The company produces many products including many lines of fish food. You could say… they know how to get fish to eat. The companies success has come from a lot of days on (and in ) the water feeding and observing fish behavior. The fishing chums produced are a bit different than the ordinary frozen blocks of fishing chum normally found in the bait shops. Their products come in two parts , one dry and the other liquid. They are mixed together when you are ready to use them . This means they do not thaw, spoil or make a mess like normal chum would. This innovative concept allows you to carry a lot more fishing chum on the boat without worries of throwing away money on spoiled or thawed chum. Use it when you need it. The saying goes…. the person with the most chum catches the most yellowtail snapper.

So as the commercial fishing pressure stops for a few months, there should be ample reef fish to catch in the Florida Keys and other parts of South Florida. Speaking with many fishing industry people, they commented that the yellowtail harvest was great this year and the catch rate high with lots of large "flag yellowtails" .. the closure was not due to lack of fish … the general consensus is that more people are commercially fishing for yellowtail than before to help supplement the crab and lobster fishery that is under a lot of pressure.

Now is the time to get out to the reef and catch some flag yellowtail , some gag grouper, or maybe a few mutton snapper. If you have not tried fishing with chum, you are truly missing out. Get the fish feedng , get them to your boat , and catch some delicious yellowtail snapper while the ocean is wide open to recreational fishing.