Former Marin County Deputy Public Defender launches new website focusing exclusively on Marin County Domestic Violence Defense

September 08, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Attorney Matt Sullivan, a former Marin County Deputy Public Defender, and graduate of the University of San Francisco Law School, has just launched a new website focusing exclusively on Marin County Domestic Violence cases. In Marin County, domestic violence matters are serious offenses, and carry serious consequences. Mr. Sullivan has years of experience in Marin County domestic violence cases and has successfully resolved numerous domestic violence cases in Marin County. Many of these cases have resulted in the dismissal of all charges.

Domestic violence cases in Marin County are treated very seriously by the Marin County District Attorney's office. Often these types of cases can carry serious criminal penalties, including jail or prison time. It is critical that persons charged with domestic violence hire qualified representation.

It is mandatory for a person who is convicted of domestic violence in Marin County to attend a 52 week batterers intervention program. These programs have a detailed curriculum helping men to stop their violence. These types of programs can be very helpful for men or women who do have a problem with violence. These types of programs are not punitive in nature. Rather, a 52 week batterer's intervention program forces the convicted person to first stop the violence, but second to take a look inside to determine why they are acting in the way they are acting. Once the violence has been halted the convicted person is instructed in a new framework for relating to others.

There are cases where no crime has actually been committed. Stringent laws require police officers to make an arrest in almost all cases where a call to the police has been classified as a domestic violence call. Often this means domestic violence charges will be filed in Marin County even when no physical injury of any kind has occurred. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, it is critical that you do not discuss your case with anyone but your lawyer. It is critical that you have no further contact with the alleged victim until you have consulted with a lawyer. Even verbal contact can be abusive. It is important if you are accused of domestic violence that you cease all contact with the alleged victim until you have had a chance to speak to a qualified Marin County Domestic Violence attorney.

Please call today at 415-879-1256 for a free consultation or email to discuss your Marin County Domestic Violence matter. Domestic violence matters include restraining order hearings, and can have an impact on family court orders and child custody. Qualified representation by a Marin County Domestic Violence defense lawyer is critical to helping an accused person defend themselves from these serious charges.

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