Businesses can take advantage of Passbook…right now

September 18, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Apple's Passbook is arguably the most anticipated feature of the new iOS and per Apple's recent announcement it will be available soon! Simply put, Passbook is an easy solution for organizing loyalty cards, promotions, coupons, and tickets all on your Apple device. It provides businesses a new way to not only get connected but stay connected to consumers intelligently.

If you are a business owner, you may be asking yourself, "How do I take advantage of Passbook?" Consider the Mana Pass Builder. Mana has created a simple, robust application for business owners to extend their marketing reach to new and existing consumers. While some tech companies are creating sites and apps that allow businesses the ability to create Passbook-compatible passes, Mana has developed an app for business owners to create, share, and track these custom passes…all from their iOS device.

When a customer downloads your Mana promotion to their Passbook it adds them to your businesses marketing reach. They are then automatically notified when you make new passes available. Additionally, the app includes a scanner for redeeming passes at their location.

The cost to business owners to use the Mana Pass Builder is as follows:
1. Download Mana Pass Builder: $0
2. Create passes: $0
3. Distribute passes: $0
4. Redemption of pass: pay-per-swipe fee

Mana has also created a consumer application that will serve as a portal for consumers to download passes to use through Passbook. This app includes a component that rewards users for sharing passes with friends on social networks such as Facebook & Twitter.

"Mana is a win-win platform," says Joe Wilson, one of the founders of Mana. "Business owners can easily create Passbook-compatible promotions to capture and keep loyal customers. In turn, customers are rewarded for their loyalty and given additional rewards for evangelizing for the business on social networks."

Mana, simply put, is your ticket to Passbook.