September 15, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Austin, Texas (September 15, 2012) From brand new to water damaged iPhones, Texas-based website offers a quick and easy way to cash in on old electronics.

With the release of the iPhone 5 slated for Friday, September 21st, some loyal Apple users have been saving their money in order to be among the first to purchase the much-anticipated new iPhone. For those who are lucky enough to be eligible for an upgrade or are switching carriers, the bare bones, 16gb iPhone 5 will run at $199. However, for those who just cannot wait to get their hot little hands on the latest Apple technology, and are willing to purchase the phone out of contract, be ready to spend up to a whopping $649 for the exact same phone.

Enter NewtonsHEAD.com, a husband and wife owned company run out of Austin, Texas that specializes in buying your old and unwanted Apple products. "Many consumers feel that in order to have the latest and greatest Apple gadget, it means taking a major hit on their bank account. We're here to help make that process a little easier for fellow Apple lovers like ourselves, by offering top-dollar for the phones you may not need anymore," said Cater Joseph, owner and founder of NewtonsHEAD.com.

With a payout of up to $400 for the most recently released iPhone 4S and $230 for the older iPhone 4, selling your old gadgets is definitely a way to soften the blow of investing in the most up-to-date smartphone. "Our message is simple: don't let your old iPhone hide in your sock drawer, and whatever you do, don't throw it away. Instead, sell it to us for top-market value," Joseph says, adding that the company even buys phones with cracked displays and those that don't power on.

By logging onto the website, users are walked through a simple step-by-step process as they enter the make, model, and condition of their product. An automated pricing engine then displays the total amount the site can offer, giving the user the option to be paid by check or Paypal. Lastly, clients can then choose to print out the prepaid shipping label or can request to have a box sent to them, in which to ship their phone in. Eco-conscious consumers will also be pleased to know that NewtonsHEAD.com refurbishes and resells the iPhones, and if they are damaged beyond repair, recycles the individual parts.

About NewtonsHEAD.com
Accredited by the BBB, Newton's Head specializes in recycling and repairing all Apple Inc. products including iPhones, iPad, iPods, and computers. Started by an Apple-filled household, the husband and wife owned company is a fast and easy way for fellow Apple lovers to get the most out of their previously used electronics. Visit: www.NewtonsHEAD.com for more information.

If you'd like more information about this topic, please call Wesley Joseph at 512-897-0047 or email Wesley at customerservice@newtonshead.com