Americord Applauds New FDA-Approved Clinical Trial Exploring Stem Cell Treatment For Children With Autism

September 18, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
New York, NY - Americord's Commitment To Stem Cell Research Is Supported By Policy Of Reimbursing Cord Blood Banking Costs To Clients Who Enroll In Clinical Trials.

Americord Registry's CEO, Martin Smithmyer, today expressed his support of the FDA-approved clinical trial being conducted by Dr. Michael Chez, director of pediatric neurology at Sutter Neuroscience Institute in Sacramento, California. The clinical trial is exploring the ability of stem cells to modulate or repair the immune systems of children with autism.

"Americord Registry is committed to research and development," said Mr. Smithmyer. "We are pioneering the most advanced technologies related to maximizing stem cell yields from newborns' cord blood collections. We also have established a policy through which we can contribute to the medical community's pursuit of new stem cell therapies." Americord Registry reimburses the full cost of cord blood processing and storage to clients in the event their child's stem cells are used in a clinical trial.

Stem cell treatments are one of the most exciting and promising medical breakthroughs in modern medicine. They have already been used to treat over 80 serious diseases and have the potential to revolutionize how doctors fight cancer, brain injuries, diabetes, spinal cord injuries and deafness, among other diseases and conditions. Currently, one of the most public and important battles being waged by the medical community is against autism. According to, autism affects over 2 million individuals in the United States and tens of millions worldwide.

In light of the medical community's focus on stem cell therapies, storage of stem cells is more important now than ever before. By storing their newborns' cord blood, which contains stem cells, parents-to-be can expand their baby's options for medical treatment throughout their lifetime and open up healthcare options that are virtually unavailable from any other source. Americord offers the ability to preserve stem cells from a newborn's umbilical cord blood, from cord tissue, from placenta tissue or, with their proprietary CordAdvantage product, which will be available later this year, the ability to also preserve stem cells from cord blood in the placenta.

About Americord Registry

Americord Registry is a leader in the advancement of cord blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue banking. Americord collects, processes, and stores newborn stem cells from umbilical cord blood for future medical or therapeutic use, including the treatment of more than 80 diseases such as sickle cell anemia and leukemia. Founded in 2008, Americord is registered with the FDA and operates in all 50 states. The company's laboratories are CLIA Certified, accredited by the AABB and comply with all federal and state guidelines and applicable licenses. Americord is headquartered in New York, NY. You may visit Americord Registry's website at for more information. You may also find Americord Registry on Facebook and follow the company on Twitter.