HIPAA Compliant Hosting Information to be Provided by OnRamp Following National Health IT Week

September 19, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
HIPAA compliant hosting is an increasingly important topic for businesses that operate in the medical sector. To mark the important role health information technology plays in improving healthcare delivery in America, OnRamp and other organizations across the U.S. joined together to celebrate National Health Information Technology (NHIT) Week, September 10-14, 2012. Health information technology improves the quality of healthcare delivery, increases patient safety, decreases medical errors, and strengthens the interaction between patients and healthcare providers.

As part of NHIT week, OnRamp, an Austin Data Center, took part in the NHIT Blog Carnival, where participants were asked to respond to NHIT's question: "How will Health IT make a difference a year from now at the next National Health IT Week?" OnRamp's response to this question was posted on the OnRamp HIPAA Compliant Hosting blog and predicts that, in the future, we can expect to see an acceleration of the adoption of new technology in response to the increased incentives for covered entities to move to electronic patient health records and the consequences for noncompliance. OnRamp's HIPAA Compliance Blog is a forum for discussion on topics centered on the subject of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Healthcare IT. It serves as a platform for OnRamp's HIPAA Compliant Hosting implementation experts to guide businesses in learning how to properly achieve HIPAA compliance within their IT operation. The blog serves as an excellent source of information for the improvement and advancement of Health IT.

"Our participation in National Health IT Week highlights OnRamp's commitment to help any company that deals with critical patient data ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of that data in compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations," said Chad Kissinger, OnRamp's founder. "OnRamp works closely with each customer who deals with electronic protected health information(e-PHI) to ensure that, collectively, OnRamp and the customer are adequately maintaining the proper configurations, processes and procedures to protect that data appropriately. OnRamp has invested extensive resources, infrastructure, time and training to ensure that our HIPAA Compliant Hosting, HIPAA Private Clouds, and HIPAA Colocation solutions, when deployed by our customers, meet the rigorous HIPAA compliance standards."

OnRamp's submission to the NHIT Blog Carnival is being followed by a succession of weekly posts covering a wide range of HIPAA related topics, from what HIPAA is and who it affects, to advice on how to establish HIPAA compliance within a company's IT operation. OnRamp's HIPAA Compliance Blog will serve to further the goals of NHIT in educating industry and policy stakeholders on the value of health IT for the US healthcare system.
For additional information about National Health IT Week, visit www.healthitweek.org.

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