Office Chair brings Core Fitness to the Work Place

September 19, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Ergonomic Office Chair Strengthens Core, Reduces Back Pain

Aurora, Ontario September 19, 2012 Core Chair is an ergonomically designed seating system that encourages active sitting with a unique patent pending mechanism, strengthening core muscles and reducing back pain. The patent pending mechanism allows a user to either sit well supported in a static position or to vary the resistance to allow the seat to move with an infinite articulation about an axis immediately beneath the user's center of mass. The Core Chair design was inspired by the growing number of people who intuitively bring an exercise ball to the office to find a more comfortable, active sitting experience. Core Chair is currently available on, an online crowdfunding platform. Funds raised from the campaign will allow for production in order to bring Core Chair to a mass audience in early 2013.

A recent study at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, conducted by Dr. Jack Callaghan PhD., concluded that the Core Chair compared readily in providing both, the support of a high-end ergonomic chair, and the muscle recruitment of an exercise ball.

The promotion of active sitting is an emerging trend in seating. Effective active sitting allows the user to constantly re-position almost unaware of this action. Traditional ergonomic office chairs fail to encourage the mobility that encourages blood flow, joint mobilization, pressure redistribution, core muscle and soft tissue stimulation, as well as necessary nutrients to the vertebral discs. The dynamic movement of the Core Chair patent pending mechanism encourages active sitting and the associated health benefits.

The perils of sitting in a static position for many hours every day include negative health consequences such as obesity, diabetes, and thrombosis. However, the cost of static sitting that 80% of people experience at least some of the time is low back pain. Approximately 31 million Americans experience back pain at any given time and one-half of all working Americans experience back pain in a given year.

"Postural creep" or slumping, when the pelvis tilts back resulting in a slouched position, is one of the greatest challenges for someone sitting for a prolonged period and greatly contributes to low back pain. This is why exercise balls and similar approaches to sitting as well as traditional ergonomic office chairs are ineffective over time. Core Chair incorporates a low back support, which holds the pelvis in an upright neutral position to defeat slumping and promote a naturally balanced spine.

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About Patrick Harrison
Patrick Harrison, Kinesiologist and designer of Core Chair, incorporated his knowledge of designing ergonomic seating for persons dependent on wheelchairs for mobility with a patent pending mechanism to create a new dynamic approach to sitting.