Click Check Virus Uncovered as an Annoying PC Intruder and Browser Hijacker

September 22, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Click Check Virus is more of an advertising virus that slips onto a computer only to cause headaches due to its relentless actions of redirecting and loading potentially dangerous sites. Click Check Virus is able to infiltrate a system where it changes browser settings and loads whatever site it wants to. When this happens, Click Check Virus causes a drag on system performance and could potentially cause a PC to crash.

Click Check Virus is known to come from malicious sources over the Internet where a PC user obtains the Click Check Virus infection without their knowledge. Once this takes place, Click Check Virus loads malicious files that may run in the background.

In some cases, PC users lose full control over their favorite web browser due to the actions of Click Check Virus. Click Check Virus gets its name from one of the sites that it is known to redirect PC users, which is called Click Check.

Other symptoms a PC may suffer from when infected with Click Check Virus are having pop-up advertisements loaded and repeatedly loading unwanted websites. Frequently, the websites loaded by Click Check Virus have their own advertisements that may lead to infection from other unknown malware threats. If this takes place, a PC may suffer from other malware that may compromise a system allowing remote attackers to gain access to the infected system.

Researchers from have exposed many technical details of Click Check Virus in a new removal report. Within the report, Click Check Virus is thoroughly examined while providing exclusive resources to relinquish or remove the complete Click Check Virus threat. Click Check Virus is similar to Google Redirect Virus.

Because Click Check Virus is a real malware threat, PC users are strongly urged to utilize resources found on the recently updated Click Check Virus removal report on at Removing Click Check Virus will enable PC users to regain full control over their PC and web browser applications.