Student Debt is a Worldwide Problem, GotChosen Resolves to Do Something About it

September 25, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
With the registration period for the first GotScholarship: $40K to Give Away drawing ending on September 30th, GotChosen has even bigger plans in mind. While the participation of students and friends has been very successful, GotChosen CEO, Oz Silva, said "I was intrigued by the diversity of website visitors from over 7,000 cities in over 100 countries." He added that many of the locations were ineligible for the scholarship. "While student debt in the U.S. is greater than anywhere else, it is clear students and their families in other countries are searching for solutions too.

Although as part of phase 1 of the business plan, the GotScholarship: $40K to Give Away drawing was begun primarily as the GotChosen branding strategy while the company developed its innovative next generation services, Silva soon realized that the situation of college debt required a more comprehensive long term solution. Accordingly, Silva announced both more than 10 new scholarships and GotChosen international expansion to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, and Chile.

Scholarship and Website News: To inaugurate phase 2 of the GotChosen business plan, a new $40K to Give Away drawing will begin in October, 2012, and will be available to participants in all six countries. Students in those countries will also be eligible to participate in a Video Contest Scholarship based on optional preselected subjects. There will also be two monthly scholarships contest (November 2012- February 2013), one for the North American bloc, and the other for the Latin American bloc.

Also as part of phase 2, a completely revised GotChosen website will be published in October in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with French being added later this year. The new GotChosen website will feature mobile-friendly multilingual registration and navigation features that will be implemented throughout October and November.

Moreover, GotChosen will reduce the minimum age requirement, allowing participants starting at age 16 to register on the GotChosen website. This will open the high school market in all six countries to GotChosen, and will allow high school students, with their parent's guidance, to fully participate in the forthcoming GotChosen opportunities, subject to legal limitations.

Social Networking Functionality with a Purpose: GotChosen Social Networking will not duplicate the functionality of existing social sites. Instead, it will utilize new interactive methodologies to help students learn about schools and programs, both from each other, and directly from the universities themselves. GotChosen will provide extensive profile listings and descriptions of thousands of colleges and universities. In addition there will be domestic and foreign student forums, where students in any of the six GotChosen countries will be able to interact with students attending institutions in those countries.

In addition to the remarkable services above, GotChosen is adding a Student Job Board that will offer a sophisticated job listing service where students may post resumes and employers may post positions for students, from internships to full-time career opportunities.

Summary: GotChosen's roadmap began with the GotScholarship: $40k to Give Away drawing, the largest single private national scholarship initiative ever seen in the United States. Going international expands the market and more importantly, the benefits to be derived from GotChosen's growing portfolio of scholarships.
Silva says, "The comments from students and others registering for our initial scholarship confirms how serious our educational and student loan situation is, and how important it is for everyone to try to do something about it. Fortunately, that's our business, and we look forward to helping as many individuals as possible over the coming years."

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