Digi-Sign Now Offering Tutorials and Demonstrations

September 25, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Informational videos demonstrate solutions offered by Digi-Sign.

Digi-Sign, a leading global provider of Digital Certificates, is now offering tutorial and demonstration videos via their website. These short videos are designed to best demonstrate the solutions offered by Digi-Sign's systems and services and how they can benefit organizations. Digital Certificates and related technologies are an ever changing and invaluable part of many organizations, especially as security concerns grow as the world continually shifts towards more digitization.

The videos are broken up into three categories and display Digi-Sign's patented solutions from their line of Digi-Access™ 2FA, Digi-ID™ e Signature, and Digi-Mail™ S/MIME services. The videos display how existing username and password access can be replaced with Digi-Access™ and how username and passwords can be double secured with a 'second layer' of security with the Digi-Access™ two factor authentication. Their Digi-ID™ and Digi-Seal™ e signature/digital signature videos are designed to show how to apply for and receive a Digi-ID™ digital signature/e signature and how to configure and use Digi-Seal™ desktop to digitally sign PDFs using the Digi-ID™ digital signature/e signature, and more. Email security is quickly growing in demand and Digi-Sign's Digi-Mail™ secure email videos explain how to configure and use Digi-Mail™ secure mail for signing and encrypting Outlook® email and how Digi-Mail™ secure and/or encrypted email works in Outlook®. All of these informative videos now offered by Digi-Sign are currently available on their website for quick review.

About Digi-Sign: Digi-Sign is a leading provider of Digital Certificates within the United States and globally. Their services have been sought by individuals, companies and governments throughout the globe. Their have significant accolades such as being awarded the National PKI project for RENIEC, in Peru, the National PKI project for Barbados, the British Library and many other projects around the world where Digi-Sign is frequently invited to participate. In addition they were among only 10 companies invited to tender for the most recent extension to the Department of Defense PKI. Their portfolio is 95% Digital Certificate, Certificate Authority and/or Public Key Infrastructure related. They hold a patent application for the automation of the Digital Certificate life cycle. Digi-Sign is dedicated to innovating change in the way Digital Certificates are deployed and managed in the marketplace. For more information, visit www.digi-sign.com or follow them on LinkedIn.