Uhuru powers new multi-language PaaS from PeakColo

September 25, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Redmond, WA, September 25, 2012 PeakColo, Inc, one of the fastest growing service providers in the United States, today introduced the introduction of a multi-platform Platform as a Service providing more choice for developers who want to host their web applications without having to worry about the hassles of managing their own servers or virtual machines. Powered by PaaS technology from Uhuru Software, Inc., a software start-up that helps developers deploy and manage their applications on the cloud, the PeakColo PaaS allows developers and IT managers to move their web applications to public or private clouds with the click of a few buttons, automatically taking care of load balancing and fail-over.

Customers will be able to sign up for trial accounts when the PeakColo PaaS trial becomes available in the coming weeks. You can learn more about the Uhuru AppCloud here:

By using Uhuru technology, called the Uhuru AppCloud, and drawing on their experience in building and managing highly secure and reliable data centers PeakColo was able to construct a PaaS that gives developers the flexibility and simplicity they want in deploying and managing their apps on the cloud.

"With the PeakColo PaaS we have removed the complexity of and proprietary lock-ins that bedevil cloud computing while delivering a level of security to the cloud that was previously only available on closed networks," said Luke Norris, PeakColo President.

PeakColo will also offer the new PaaS as a white label offering for Value Added Resellers which wish to offer a PaaS to their customers without having to host it themselves.

Currently in beta, the Uhuru's AppCloud PaaS has gained over 3,200 software development users since it was made publicly available on June 25th. The Uhuru AppCloud provides a comprehensive cross-platform PaaS, making it possible to deploy and manage applications on a wide variety of language platforms including .NET, Ruby, Node.js and Java. IT Managers or developers can use command line tools or the Cloud Admin client software to deploy and manage their applications in the cloud. Additionally, there are plugins for major Integrated Development Environments like Visual Studio allowing developers to deploy their apps directly from their programming tools.

"Developers want to focus on building great software without getting mired in the issues of complex deployments or security," said Jawad Khaki, CEO of Uhuru. "By using the PeakColo service software engineers can not only have more fun but ensure their applications are cloud ready and secure, using the language of their choice."

Additional Resources
  • Uhuru blog: http://uhurusoftware.com/blog/
  • Uhuru LinkedIn group: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=4206663

  • About Uhuru Software, Inc.
    Uhuru Software, Inc. is a Redmond-based software start-up founded by former Microsoft executives and engineers. Uhuru provides comprehensive integrated application development platforms, management tools, and services to enable rapid development and deployment of solutions in private or public clouds by enterprises and service providers. Uhuru is dedicated to bringing the best of Windows and Open Source development together.

    Uhuru was founded by Jawad Khaki and Jawaid Ekram. Jawad Khaki is a former Microsoft Corporate Vice President at Microsoft and a 20 year veteran of the company. Jawad led engineers and business leaders to deliver networking, communication and device technologies for Microsoft® Windows client and server operating system platforms. Trained and educated as a computer engineer in London, Jawad started his career in 1979 as a hardware design engineer developing hardware and firmware for UK based GEC Computers Ltd. and then in 1985 as a UNIX development consultant for AT&T Bell Laboratories. With roots in software development and long experience leading development teams on UNIX and Windows, Mr. Khaki understands the challenges that .NET developers face.

    Jawaid Ekram is a cloud computing industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in engineering and in the operations of large scale systems. He is a former General Manager at Microsoft where he was responsible for Global Foundations Services (Data Center) and Live Meeting Services (SaaS). Before Microsoft, Jawaid was CIO/VP Services of Placeware, where he transitioned the product from software to SaaS. Prior to that, he served as Senior Vice President of Visa International for five years. Mr. Ekram brings his knowledge of and passion for improving IT Management to Uhuru's executive team.

    About PeakColo, Inc.

    PeakColo provides fully redundant, enterprise-class white-label WhiteCloud Services® to its Distribution, Data Center, Service Provider, System Integrator and VAR channel partners. PeakColo is a Premier level VMware Service Provider Partner and one of the first to deliver VMware's vCloud Director enabled solutions. PeakColo is a NetApp Gold Level Service Provider. Currently, it has three data centers in the Denver, Colorado area, one data center in Seattle, WA and one in the U.K. For more information, visit the PeakColo website at www.peakcolo.com.