Loving Apartments Infographic Addresses Tipping Uncertainty

September 26, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
An infographic from leading accommodation provider, Loving Apartments, has gained a high level of support as it tackles one of the most pressing conundrums faced by travellers whether you should tip or not.

  • Infographic tackles common tourism query
  • North America most expensive for restaurant tipping
  • Cultural divide between tipping noted
  • Loving Apartments offers range of accommodation options for rent

  • For anyone holidaying abroad, the rules over tipping are one of the things which commonly cause uncertainty and disruption. With different countries being subject to different customs, failing to follow the correct procedure could leave visitors facing a cold reception thus impacting their overall experience.

    Whilst rules over when and how much to tip in the UK are fairly well known, this system is not universally adopted across the rest of the world as highlighted by the infographic from Loving Apartments.

    When to tip

    The infographic, which displays a clear graph of what situations require tips in which countries, provides plenty of information for would-be travellers searching for Amsterdam holiday rental apartments.

    According to their data, Asia and New Zealand are two of the only countries where tipping in restaurants is not expected. Elsewhere in the world, a 10% service charge seems to be common with North America proving to be the most expensive of those listed with restaurant tipping of 15-20% considered normal.

    Cultural divisions

    As mentioned above, there is a clear divide shown between areas when it comes to tipping. According to the Tipping Infographic, the Asian continent has the lowest expectations with only hotel staff generally expecting this form of additional payment. Loving Apartments even explains that, in some areas, the act of tipping would be considered impolite and should therefore be avoided rather than encouraged.

    At the other end of the scale, North America could be seen as the greediest area. Tipping expectations were typically higher than those of other areas, with even taxis considering a 10% tip a stable requirement.

    A divide between professions was also noted. Restaurant waiters were the most demanding, often expecting set percentages to be provided as tips by their patrons. Taxi drivers were much less demanding with a "keep the change" attitude adopted across most regions whilst hotel staff usually expected a tip of one or two dollars/Euros depending on the country.

    The main exceptions to this are witnessed in North America and Africa where taxi drivers also expected a set percentage to be added to the cost of their fare typically 10%.

    Why tip

    Failing to tip the correct amount in the correct situation can cause numerous problems. Many cultures place the act of tipping at the centre of their thoughts over hospitality and failing to follow their customs could prove disastrous for those staying in the country.

    This applies to those visiting for either business or pleasure, and means that even if you're looking for London Apartments to rent for holiday you should consider the customs surrounding tipping in the UK.

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