Energy Management Services Company, Grid2, Provides Energy Software for Growing Middle Market

September 26, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Grid2, an enterprise energy management services company, now provides energy management software, support and services to a wide array of industry-sectors. With emphasis in LEED Certification and management growing at a rapid pace, Grid2 is working to be at the forefront of the energy management revolution.

As a software vendor in the energy management space, the company provides software and services that allow business and commercial users, including partner operators, to measure, analyze, manage and rightly predict usage patterns in commercial buildings. This allows for more efficient allocation of energy resources, saving businesses valuable time and money.

In addition to proper resource allocation, the company focuses on finding areas of bloat and excess by finding ways to automate system integration for the best results. The software and energy services consulting allows companies to take a more active approach at managing energy spending levels, decreasing energy costs by thousands on a yearly basis.

Grid2 even works at a granular level, providing PC usage data for even specific users and user groups, allowing for structured and specific feedback for saving money on power with simple suggestions and automated tools. Integrated cloud-based tools allow users to see activity and make changes to usage habits in real-time.

Today's energy operators are consistently seeking methods whereby they can better forecast usage and cost while at the same time reducing carbon emissions and boosting return on investment. Today's smart grid technology allows for such data and resource-sharing opportunities. Grid2 is there to help every step of the way.

About Grid2

Grid2 is an energy management services consulting firm whose focus is to assist energy operators and middle-market energy suppliers to find ways to better allocate resources and save organizations money. The company is focused on reducing the global carbon footprint and further the goals of LEED Certification in commercial buildings.