Launches New Website for Business Plan Writing and Business Plan Consulting Services

September 29, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News, a provider of MBA-level business planning services has launched a newly designed website. Providing expert business plan writing and consulting services to entrepreneurs is a passionate pursuit of the company founders, all of whom have helped to raise several million dollars of private equity, SBA, VC and angel investment money. This previous experience is a boon for any entrepreneur looking to use the company's service as a way to prepare to obtain funding from outside investors.

Strategic Marketing Plans

Business entrepreneurs know a business idea is worthless unless you can properly execute. Business marketing plans are essential because they focus on how the business will reach profitability in a rapid way. Because so many businesses chase different strategies, it is essential the marketing plan matches the strategy of the business owner. For instance, if an ambitious CEO wants to go after a $1 billion market, he or she will most likely require a larger amount of capital to make such a goal a reality. In this case, a proven track-record and an effective and well-written marketing plan will be an absolute essential component of making the grade and getting funded.

Proforma Financial Planning

Thanks to expert business graduate connections, contractors and employees, is able to take advantage of the combined brainpower of Finance MBA professionals from top tier business schools both in and outside the United States. Unfortunately, many seasoned entrepreneurs in their particular fields lack the financial prowess many investors would like to see prior to giving thousands and millions of dollars to a company's founding members. While most investors recognize the numbers represent a shot in the dark, many investors do like to see a thoughtful approach to how the founders may see the company growing into the future. Having a great financial plan as part of the business plan is essential.

In addition, a financial plan helps investors pinpoint where their invested funds will be used. This can help alleviate fears and give them the boost of confidence they may need to ensure their funds are not wasted. Knowing how to properly include use of funds information in a proforma financial plan is essential to building creditability before obtaining funding.

Whether entrepreneurs require financial or marketing help on their strategic business plan, or if they are simply needing a business plan as a requirement for funding from the SBA, can help to alleviate the issues inherent in planning for a business start-up.