October 01, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Compact Tradeshow Collateral Reduces Shipping and Storage Costs

The shipment and storage of tradeshow displays is one of the major costs incurred during a tradeshow. The traditional bulky tradeshow displays are heavy and difficult to transport, adding to shipping and delivery costs. To assist small and mid-size companies in reducing their overall tradeshow expenses, TRT Banners offers a selection of professionally printed, compact pop-up and retractable tradeshow displays.

While the pop-up and retractable tradeshow displays from TRT Banners are light and compact, they do not sacrifice quality and professionalism. The pop-up displays come complete with a frame, printed banners, halogen lights, and a shipping case. These curved trade show booths are designed to help clients boldly display their message to trade show audiences and add a new dimension of exposure. The entire trade booth display fits into one shipping case, saving a significant amount of money in shipping and storage.
For an even more compact tradeshow display, TRT Banners offers the sleek, slim-line constructed retractable banner display stands. These tradeshow displays are perfect for an easy, fast setup and ideal for all of all marketing or promotional needs. The retractable banner displays are lightweight and portable. The container for this tradeshow display is small enough to check in on an airplane, virtually eliminating the cost of shipping.
For an even bigger impact, TRT Banners offers compact and easy-to-transport tradeshow accessories such as banner stand lights that provide maximum visibility. All retractable banner stands are inexpensive and come with a 180-day warranty for the mechanism of the banner stand and a quick 48-hour turnaround time. This makes pop-up banners and retractable tradeshow displays from TRT Banners ideal for companies that want to maximize their tradeshow budget.

To review pop-up and retractable tradeshow display designs and place an order, visit www.trtbanners.com or call 1-877-223-6540.

About TRT Banners
TRT Banners specializes in affordable retractable banner stands and pop-up banner stands. Our competitive pricing model ensures that our customers not only get the highest-quality banner stands, but they also don't break their budget paying for them. So whether you're planning an exhibit for an upcoming trade show or you need a brilliant display for your storefront, TRT Banners offers exceptional production and distribution of pop up retractable banners.