Beer Citizen Launches iOS App

October 02, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
San Francisco, CA - 10/2/2012 - Beer Citizen (, recently opened the beta version of its new data-based beer review model at, making it easier for beer enthusiasts to discover, review, and share new brews. Building on that foundation, Beer Citizen is now available as an iOS app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, allowing users to review beers on the go, from the comfort of a barstool.

Beer Citizen provides a new system for reviewing beers, where a beer is evaluated by quantifying the intensity of its individual traits, and reviews from other users (or "citizens") are combined to build a beer's overall profile. The Beer Citizen iOS app takes this review model, makes it mobile, and gives citizens the added capability to publish photos of the beers people enjoy and the breweries they visit.

With the exploding craft beer marketplace, Beer Citizen offers a novel way for drinkers to quickly assess and review beers. While other beer review apps and websites focus primarily on the issue of "how good" a beer is, the objective of Beer Citizen is to create data-driven beer profiles to answer the broader beer question of "what's it like?" by aggregating the trait data entered with every review of a beer.

To review a beer, citizens find the beer they're sampling, and add traits to one of four main categories (appearance, scent/aroma, taste/flavor, and body/mouthfeel). The relative intensity of each trait is then entered by simply adjusting a slider to note a little or a lot of that trait. During the review process, users can also add tasting notes, indicate how much they like the beer, upload photos, and check in at a location. Other features include the ability to follow other users, beers, and breweries, to add beers to their wishlist or to their cooler, and share reviews on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Beer Citizen is a project by Definition LLC ( Founded by Rob DiCiuccio, Evan Rusackas, and Ryan Wilcoxson, Definition is a complete media solution provider, offering design and development services for interactive and traditional media, with headquarters in San Francisco, CA, and offices in Talent, OR.

The Beer Citizen iOS App is available for free from the App Store at

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