TKO Concrete Shifts its Focus to Commercial Concrete Grinding and Epoxy Coatings

October 02, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
NASHVILLE, Tennessee October 2, 2012 TKO Concrete recently announced a shift in focus toward commercial and industrial work. The Nashville-based company, which began providing residential decorative concrete work to residential customers in 2004, has gradually experienced an increased demand for commercial and industrial concrete cleaning, sealing, grinding, polishing, staining and epoxy coatings.

Concrete grinding and staining can turn a warehouse floor into a showroom using a process that is both quick and inexpensive. As TKO Concrete's president and founder Kerry Pharr explains, there are a variety of stains and sealants that can make any floor look like a work of art.

TKO Concrete will provide the following services to its commercial clients:

Concrete cleaning-TKO Concrete provides scrubbing and degreasing of concrete floors that can wash away years of accumulated dirt. The company can also fill in cracks and remove existing coatings to return concrete to that "just poured" look.
Concrete grinding-Before concrete can be stained or coated, it must first be ground down to an even surface. TKO Concrete specializes in diamond grinding, an advanced technique that uses diamond blades to grind away imperfections and restore a smoother surface.
Decorative concrete-Using a grinding process, TKO Concrete can give concrete floors an all new look that must been seen to be believed. This can be done in small areas or large. This process is called thin stamped overlaying.
Concrete staining-A wide variety of staining can be applied to accomplish a polished, professional look that will endure for many years. Acid stains are available to match any décor.
Concrete sealing-Concrete sealing can help protect concrete, whether stained or left bare. By covering concrete with professional grade sealer, TKO Concrete can prevent water and other matter from seeping into the pores. TKO uses an epoxy coating, which not only protects floors but beautifies them, as well.

While TKO Concrete is based in Nashville, the company is positioned to serve the entire southeast US, Pharr explains. "We've made major capital investments in industrial 'dustless' walk behind grinders and floor scrubbing equipment this year to meet the demand of our clients," Pharr adds.

TKO Concrete's work isn't limited to warehouse and factory floors. The company's commercial work includes showrooms, sidewalks, tennis courts, office buildings, and much more. TKO Concrete can also repair and restore concrete flooring that has sustained damage due to flooding, wear over time, and other factors, along with offering pressure washing to commercial clients.

For more information on how TKO Concrete can transform your concrete floors, contact Kerry Pharr at 615-414-3727 or visit the company's website at