Vinyl Materials Now Greener Choice Than Wood

October 03, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Putting an End to False Assumptions About Sustainable Building Materials

Newbury Park, CA - In today's earth-conscious society, intelligent, responsible individuals are making their shopping, housing, and building decisions with the planet in mind. Unfortunately, there seems to be an assumption made amongst the ecologically minded that wood-based materials are somehow better for the environment than synthetic materials because they are "natural" or "organic." This assumption could not be more wrong, however, as in the long term PVC uses fewer natural resources, leeches fewer chemicals into the soil and water, and lasts longer than its wooden counterparts.

Consider the case of wooden vs. vinyl patio covers. While it's true that wood is the more natural of the materials, that does not mean that it is better for the planet. For a wooden patio cover to be able to withstand the elements and not succumb to rot, it must be treated with an array of toxic chemicals, some of which actually have corrosive effects on the metal fasteners used to attach them. Regardless of how many harmful chemicals you treat wood with, it still has a far shorter life cycle than PVC, meaning that it needs more maintenance and repair and has to be replaced far earlier. All things considered, a PVC patio cover will leech fewer chemicals into the ground and leave a smaller carbon footprint than a wooden counterpart.

If you are looking for more sustainable patio cover designs or other vinyl outdoor equipment and decorations, Vinyl Concepts offers a variety of different products and has a commitment to environmental responsibility. Their products are manufactured in-house using the most efficient materials and methods from both an economical and environmental perspective.

To learn more about the benefits of using vinyl materials, visit Vinyl Concepts website at or call (877) 52-VINYL.

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