Vista Defender 2013 Impersonates Legit Antivirus Programs to Trick PC Users Into Unwillingly Spending Money

October 04, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Vista Defender 2013 is a bogus antivirus program that has the tendency to mimic the look of legitimate antivirus apps currently available for the PC through software vendors. The Vista Defender 2013 application even has an interface that uses familiar Windows operating system colors as to not sway too far from what is familiar and trusting to Windows PC users.

The devious actions that Vista Defender 2013 performs to entice PC users to purchase it, are rather sneaky and ingenious at the same time. Many of these actions include Vista Defender 2013 displaying pop-up alerts and returning falsified system scan results. Through these particular methods, Vista Defender 2013 will attempt to gain the trust of PC users, so they may eventually buy themselves a copy of the Vista Defender 2013 program.

In case you are asking why a PC user should purchase Vista Defender 2013, it is very simple. Vista Defender 2013 makes a repeated claim that it can remove all spyware or virus threats that it supposedly finds on a computer if the user obtains a registered copy of the Vista Defender 2013 program. Vista Defender 2013 is a copy of other rogue antivirus programs like XP Antivirus 2013. Even though many legitimate security programs have this same type of setup, Vista Defender 2013 will take it a step further by charging a much higher price and walking away from its promises of removing actual malware or virus threats. What those who may be experiencing the aggravation of Vista Defender 2013 should realize is that all pop-up and system scan results are fabricated in the first place.

Computer users wanting to remove Vista Defender 2013 to put an end to the repeated pop-up alerts and annoying system scans, may use removal resources made available on removal reports such as the one on Through resources on the removal report, PC users are able to remove Vista Defender 2013 just like it is demonstrated in the video linked below.

For the task of obtaining these particular and trusted removal resources, PC users may visit the updated and newly released removal report for Vista Defender 2013 at This report will guide users through a process to completely remove the Vista Defender 2013 program and any other associated malware threats from their PC.