Nozhan Polymer's "Polys for Peace" Available Worldwide

October 04, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Nozhan Polymer announces business partnerships are open to customers worldwide with a wide array of oil-based products

Despite rising global tensions, Iran-based Nozhan Polymer company, a leading exporter of petroleum jelly, semi-refined paraffin wax, residue wax and other oil products, believes that mutually beneficial business partnerships are available with customers all over the world, with profits and close friendship possible for all.

Iran remains one of the world's leading sources for petroleum products, and Nozhan Polymer remains a leading exporter of items like paraffin wax, residue wax, slack wax, greases and much more.

Paraffin wax alone is used in many industries, such as candle making, fertilizers, shoe wax, crayons, waxed paper, printing inks, varnishes and more. It's also used as an additive in tires, can be used for many types of board waxes.

Other Nozhan Polymer products have similar multiple uses: Petroleum jelly is often found in pharmaceutical ointments, hair wax or pomades, face creams, skin lotions, and various cosmetics, while residue wax — itself a mix of oil and slack wax — is used in rubber products, tires, polishes, match boxes, industrial greases and by the shoe and plastic industries.

No wonder then, that since concentrating on overseas markets since 2007, Nozhan Polymer now trades in over 52 countries, including Africa, other Middle Eastern countries, Asia, and South America.

Nozhan Polymer's doors remain open to all customers — old and new — worldwide, helping the world "slide toward peace," with a wide array of oil-based products. To learn more, visit

About Nozhan Polymers
Because of its good relations with large Iranian refineries, Nozhan Polymer has been able to steadily offer a wide range of oil-based products, including semi-refined paraffin wax, white mineral oil, slack wax, base oil and other products. Our number one priority at Nozhan Polymer is customer service — we do our best to insure that your purchase of our products is an experience you will want to duplicate again and again. To learn more, visit or write