Nozhan Polymer Announces New Production Line For Paraffin, White Oil, and More

October 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
World's leading source for petroleum products implementing a new production line

Nozhan Polymer is one of the world's leading sources for petroleum products, including semi refined paraffin wax, petroleum jelly and residue wax . They are pleased to announce implementation of a new production line now for fully refined paraffin wax, cable jelly, granule paraffin, white oil and more in the near future.

This will allow the Iran-based oil products company to better serve its international clients and participate in joint new industries in over 52 countries, including Africa, other Middle Eastern countries, Asia, and South America.

Fully-refined Paraffin wax is used in many products, including food wrap, corrugated containers, nursery stock, candles, textiles, cheese and vegetable Coatings, and hot melt adhesives as well as coatings, cosmetics, inks and polishes.

Cable jelly has many uses in fiber optics, helping to seal against moisture, and white oil, or mineral oil, has veterinary, industrial and cosmetic uses.

White oil, a byproduct of petroleum, is also called paraffin oil and consists of hydrocarbons. Generally inexpensive, it has numerous applications, including the manufacture of baby oil and cosmetics, in make-up removers, kitchen applications, and more.

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About Nozhan Polymers
Because of its good relations with large Iranian refineries, Nozhan Polymer has been able to steadily offer a wide range of oil-based products, including semi-refined paraffin wax, white mineral oil, slack wax, base oil and other products. Our number one priority at Nozhan Polymer is customer service — we do our best to insure that your purchase of our products is an experience you will want to duplicate again and again. To learn more, visit or write