The TriState Pain Institute Uses Empathy To Heal

October 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
According to a study published in the September, 2012 issue of Academic Medicine, researchers have determined that a higher the level of empathy from treating physicians leads to better outcomes for their patients. The TriState Pain Institute (TSPI) in Fort Mohave, Arizona is the area leader for pain management, in part by enhancing comprehensive care with empathy and understanding for all.

Being engaged with their patients, listening, and promoting an environment of education and alternative treatments, Drs. Benjamin Venger and Charles Stevens thus encourage those at the TSPI to play an active role in their care. Better outcomes, lower incidences of complications, and healthier lifestyles then follow. Without empathy, the gap between pain control and constant discomfort widens, adding elements of depression, stress and fear. Empathy comforts, soothes, and provides hope, allowing healing directly connected from one human being to another.

At the TriState Pain Institute, a multi-disciplinary approach to pain medicine is also underway, adding Dr. Gene Khavkin (neurosurgery), Dr. Donald Tice (bariatric medicine & weight control), and Dr. Len Sarff (psychology) as in-house consultants. They are the first of many TSPI specialists focused not only on their disciplines, but also in helping Drs. Venger and Stevens obtain overall success in healthy lifestyles and pain control. Each brings their own empathy to the mix, and a scope of service beyond the pain management otherwise offered throughout Mohave County.

This standard of pain care is not limited to powerful opioid medications, which can lead to dependence or addiction. Dr. Venger and Dr. Stevens encourage pain patients to consider several options in combination with or without traditional medicines, including pain injections, the pain pacemaker, weight loss and exercise, regenerative bracing, medical foods, minimally invasive neurosurgery, and much more. Not optional is of course empathy, shared with all patients by Dr. Venger and Dr. Stevens, as well as each physician and staff member associated with the TSPI.

The TriState Pain Institute is located at 5263 Highway 95, Suite 101, Fort Mohave, Arizona 86426. Offering flexible extended hours, the TriState Pain Institute can help relieve your pain and help you get back to enjoying your life! Call today to schedule an appointment at 928-788-3333!