The Traditional World of Print Cookbooks is Changing Forever

October 04, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Israel, Tel Aviv October 04, 2012 - Look & Cook, the iPad app based on the new format, provides a step by step guide for each and every recipe accompanied by detailed HD imagery making the most difficult recipes highly accessible. Look & Cook, was conceived together with Israel's top chef, Meir Adoni and Israel's top food photographer, Dan Peretz. This exceptional, creative team had one goal in mind: how to help people enjoy cookbooks on their iPad as much as they did (and still do) in printed form.

Cookbooks have been around for quite a while, starting with manually written recipe notebooks and in recent decades turning into one of the most popular categories in printed media and one of the most popular gifts. An intimate look at a cookbook reveals several main points that contribute to our perception of overall quality: how good the will the food taste, the recipes' clarity, accuracy and ease of preparation, and the aesthetic appeal of the visual aspect and art within the book.

"We saw for the first time the opportunity to transform and extend cookbooks into a digital medium only when the first iPad was launched, when the screen was magnificent and its rich media capabilities seemed to offer a solid ground for such innovation, way before the Retina. There are many others around the world who saw this opportunity and built iPad and iPhone apps for cooking, some became very popular. But we never wanted to create an app, we wanted to create a successful digital version for cookbooks," said Ronen Mizrachi the company's creative director.

Look & Cook by Kinetic Art fulfills their big promise by offering first and foremost a continuous visual experience where the user can immerse himself in the culinary world created by the Chef, hear his unique "voice," and really understand and feel his inspiration and pleasure in making food, where the user can immerse himself in the culinary world created by the Chef and really feel his inspiration and enjoyment of food making. The company has taken the iPad medium to its limit with hundreds of HD images, never ending image scrolling, hidden videos which provide a pleasant surprise, voice detection for hands-free cooking and much, much more.
About Look & Cook:

Featuring the top 44 recipes which were hand picked from the menus of Chef Adoni's restaurants in Tel Aviv, a collection that presents the chef's best selection.

The recipes are accompanied with more than 700 high-definition images and short videos embedded seamlessly in a step by step guided cooking concept. The app was designed for use in a real kitchen, hands free with large texts for reading from a distance and voice control for in-recipe navigation and most important simple timers for tracking time critical instructions. The app is available for purchase at the Apple Store for $4.99. The company has also created a free introductory version, for getting acquainted with the cookbook including the first six, complete recipes.
About Chef Adoni:

Israeli born Chef Meir Adoni, 35, is chef-owner of Catit and Mizlala restaurants in Tel-Aviv. He studied at the Cordon-Bleu in Sydney, Australia and La Notre culinary school in Paris, France. He interned at Cieo in New York, NY and Arcadia in Jerusalem, Israel, and has worked at restaurants all over the world including Arzak in San Sebastián, Spain, Alinea in Chicago, Illinois and Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Adoni's unique blend of haute cuisine, street-food, authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes and a variety of global influences embodies New Israeli cuisine. His cooking, while mostly not Kosher, offers a portrait of a sophisticated kitchen, grounded in local products and traditions, while being open to and inspired by the world. Within Look & Cook, Adoni reveals his spin on traditional dishes like Shakshuka with merguez sausages and greens and shares tricks of his signature dishes, including his giant ravioli with a runny egg-yolk.
About Kinetic Art Ltd.:

A startup company with offices at Tel Aviv, Israel and New York, Kinetic Art develops a cookbook publishing platform for transforming cookbooks into the tablets world. Kinetic Art's product is a HTML5 iPad publishing tool. The company is self funded and is made of a group of creative and technology talent.
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