Simple Business Development Training Solutions from SalesBasix

October 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Four-part strategy from SalesBasix can help you and your employees acquire new skills to improve sales and profit results.

SalesBasix, a Michigan-based e-learning company offering the easiest and most effective sales and marketing training, has a four-part strategy for individuals or companies looking to improve their business development effectiveness. These four components, when applied properly, can result in business growth and more profits.

The four-part strategy from SalesBasix is comprised of Selling, Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media modules. These modules were developed by experienced industry professionals who have developed and documented the most successful applications of each discipline to achieve successful results. Their easy-to-understand program will teach you how to produce business development results.

The online business development training programs from SalesBasix are more than just e-lessons. They also can be customized into a training program that fits your needs and budget, and which will yield the best results for your business. SalesBasix also has coaching programs available to support you or your company after the training ends.

For more information on the four-Part Strategy program from SalesBasix, visit their website at You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter @SalesBasix, for the latest trends and updates on sales, business development and marketing programs.

About SalesBasix

SalesBasix, LLC, founded in 2009, is a Michigan-based provider of business development e-learning solutions for individuals and organizations. The company's core offering includes modules on sales, marketing, advertising, public relations and social media topics, available online and via the company's sales team. SalesBasix subject matter experts have experience with Fortune as well as smaller, private companies, and many have taught university and college courses in their respective areas of expertise. For more information, visit