Parkinsons Recovery Showcases What Helps People with Parkinsons Disease Reverse Symptoms

October 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Many people wonder whether anyone with Parkinson's disease has ever reversed their symptoms. A few people know the answer. Soon many people will not only know the answer but have the opportunity to meet persons who have been successful in reversing their own symptoms at the Santa Fe Summit.

Parkinsons Recovery provides support, information and resources for persons who currently experience neurological symptoms of Parkinson's disease and their family members. The 2013 Santa Fe Summit is one of many programs it sponsors to accomplish this mission.

Many presenters at the Santa Fe Summit have been guests on the popular Parkinsons Recovery Radio show. One success story after another has been aired on the show over the past four years. Taken together, there are now dozens of therapeutic options have are helping people reverse Parkinson's symptoms. The Santa Fe Summit is a unique opportunity to meet these radio show celebrities who are genuine pioneers of recovery.

Some of the most successful options that have helped people reverse Parkinson's symptoms are entirely natural. They have no side effects. Better yet, many options that have shown incredible relief from symptoms cost nothing. Many such options will be showcased at the Santa Fe Summit.

It is one thing to read about stories of recovery on the internet or hear people talk about their recovery on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show. It is quite another to meet people face to face who have succeeded in reversing their symptoms. The 2013 Santa Fe Summit is an exciting opportunity to meet some of the pioneers of recovery who have reversed their symptoms.

According to Robert Rodgers, Ph.D. from Parkinsons Recovery,

"The Santa Fe Summit is a golden opportunity to explore treatment options that are helping more and more people with Parkinson's reverse their symptoms. There is no magical formula or program for recovery that works for everyone, but there are now dozens of treatment options that are helping more and more people reverse their symptoms."

Guests on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio show will offer individual workshops at the Santa Fe Summit where they will explain and demonstrate what they have done to reverse the symptoms of Parkinson's: Bianca Molle, Gord Summer, Holly Hughes, Marlene Lindstrome, Judith Lynne and John Baumann. While there is some overlap across the methods that each of these remarkable pioneers found useful in reversing their own symptoms, each person's approach is unique.

After researching Parkinsons for six years, Rodgers encountered a perplexing problem for people with Parkinson's symptoms who are interested in recovering. There are so many options that have shown great promise that many people are puzzled and confused over which of the options they should be serious about pursuing. This is especially a difficult decision when an option might be expensive.

For many persons with Parkinson's symptoms it has become a problem of information overload. There is so much to learn about each option. Some of the options are well researched. Others have just been invented over the past year or two. Some options are so new that studies are just now being formulated and designed to evaluate their effectiveness. It would take a lifetime of analysis to sort through all the options.

"One key motivation for sponsoring the Santa Fe Summit is to convene the experts together so that people can evaluate and experience the various options firsthand. This way, informed decisions can be made about which options to pursue and which to shelve. What works beautifully for one person may fizzle for another."

In addition to the workshops presented by persons who have been diagnosed with Parkinsons, presentations will also be given by professional from a wide variety of fields who have had extensive experience working with persons with symptoms of Parkinsons Disease.

Physical therapist Kevin Lockette from Hawaii will offer an experiential workshop that highlights the methods he has developed that help persons with Parkinsons find sustained relief from their symptoms.

Acupuncturist Peter Doyle from New York will present an engaging preview of Chinese Scalp acupuncture, a specialty which has shown promising results for persons with Parkinson's symptoms.

Neurofeedback researcher Jaclyn Gisburne from Colorado will present her ground breaking research that reveals a key underlying cause of Parkinsons symptoms - trauma - and how trauma and stress can released and treated using neurofeedback.

BioAcoustic pioneer Sharry Edwards from Ohio will discuss her astonishing findings using voice profiles to diagnose the cause of Parkinsons symptoms and treat the causes using sound therapy.

Physical Therapist Ed Gray from Florida will bring the GigerMD technology which has facilitated remarkable results for his Parkinson's clients.

Foot Whisperer Randy Eady from Florida will introduce his highly successful therapy for persons with Parkinsons symptoms known as Ancient Walking to Primal Rhythms

HeartMath expert Robert Bonham from Tennessee will explain the healing power of biofeedback and make available the opportunity to a limited number of participants to use the new HeartMath hand held devices during the entire Santa Fe Summit.

Music medicine pioneer Suzanne Jonas from Tennessee will preview her creations which are changing the landscape of how Parkinsons symptoms are treated by health care professionals.

Parkinsons Recovery Founder Robert Rodgers from Washington will offer an opportunity for participants to identify entanglements in their family systems that may be obstructing their recovery and, once identified, release these entanglements.

Qigong Master Mingtong Gu from California will offer participants a life changing, experiential workshop on the ancient healing power of Gigong

Parkinsons Resource founder Jo Rosen from California will offer an update on her research which has identified a compelling connection between TMJ and Parkinsons symptoms and introduce the cutting edge research which offers an exciting promise of recovery in the future using more effective treatments.

Health researcher and writer John O'Dwyer from Mississippi will provide hands on experience with proven methods that facilitate a release of trauma and emotional pain

Nutritional Coach Kristen Harper from Arizona will introduce Nutritional Balancing, a natural dietary approach that has helped people reverse their symptoms.

Musician Jim Oliver from New Mexico will conclude the Summit with a live concert of healing music that he will create to help rejuvenate participants as their set out on their journey home.

Parkinsons Recovery is the sole sponsor of the 2013 Santa Fe Summit. The purpose of the Summits is not to promote any particular modality or advocate any specific treatment option or program of recovery. Since there are no sponsors Parkinsons Recovery has no obligation to feature any modality or promote any particular therapeutic option.

Rather, the purpose of the Santa Fe Summit is to feature the many therapeutic options that research shows are helping people with Parkinsons proceed successfully down the road to recovery.

The first 2011 Parkinsons Recovery Summit was held in Vancouver. The second 2012 Summit was held in Cincinnati, Ohio. People have traveled from across the United States, Europe, Mexico, India and Canada to attend the Summits because they offer vital information about natural treatment options that is not available elsewhere. Better yet, participants have the opportunity to experience many of the treatment options themselves.

Tuition for the 4 day event is $200 per person. For more information about the workshops and Summit events visit or call toll free: