American Contemporary Artist Terry Thompson Launches

November 16, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The Baltimore-based site targets both art-lovers and art-buyers (consumers and businesses), on a worldwide basis. The site intends to provide original works of art, apparel, custom designed tiles, rugs and home accessories. In addition, there are links to top architects and designers from around the globe. Positioning itself to be the premier art-based portal and e-commerce site, and is developing unprecedented services, visitor-interactivity and content, in the underserved niche market of contemporary art.

Terry Thompson's art encompass a dazzlingly rich variety of forms: portraits, architectural, and figurative manner, which are executed in the most diverse painterly styles. While many of his abstractions echo the sharp definition of women, the extraordinarily broad range of the source materials he employs, from fashion magazines, photos from movie clips, album covers, novels and art books amongst other things, are combined to create a visual vocabulary where the personal and the public coincide. Discarding the habitual themes of collage, in particular the debate about its relationship to mixed media, Thompson mingles almost painting like forms with Moorish arrangements, which make the only possible reading of his works an entirely subjective one.

In First Kiss (located in the site’s private gallery), Thompson draws from a selective palette of black, grey, brown, red and blue, with a hint of yellow. The uplifting atmosphere this creates make the collage appear like a mirage, as if the actual act occurred in a dream. A subtle action, the shape is apparently captured in sharp, intense excitement, which we only believe is a couple once we have read the title, hovers in an otherwise mystifying haze of cloud or space, like a dreamt memory of the actual event.

The title gives the collage profoundly ambiguous intentions: the notion is a emotional one, but the contemporary reality of love, which is further suggested by the cheerful palette, inevitably lends this collage an eccentric and reassuring atmosphere that lingers on in the mind long after the viewer has moved on.

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