Image Mechanics Announces Product Name Change From F.O.A.M to ProStorage Data Archive

October 09, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Patented Off-Line, Maintenance-Free Data Storage Available For Thousands of Dollars Less

SANTA MONICA, Calif. October 9, 2012 Image Mechanics launches the name ProStorage to make finding and buying the superior data storage system easy for it's customers. ProStorage (formerly F.O.A.M. File Offline Archive Management) is a tested search engine optimized name, and is a breakthrough product that stores, protects and organizes 3.5 inch mechanical hard drives using lightweight foam. F.O.A.M. just did not come up in product searches. The new name, ProStorage allows customers to search and find our money saving data storage products easily.

ProStorage is fortified with powerful distribution partnerships with Navarre and The Distribution Network (TDN).

"We want our customers to have the best whether it's searching, buying, shipping, using our products our focus is to make every step an enjoyable, easy, time saving experience. The name ProStorage is a dramatic improvement. What good is a great product if no one can find it? Using ProStorage solves that issue. The Internet has changed the way people purchase. We are delighted to make this improvement," said Michael Grecco, inventor of ProStorage.

"ProStorage revolutionizes the way data is archived," said Grecco, also founder of Image Mechanics, a digital capture company. "It makes storing and protecting digital files easier, less expensive and more secure than ever before. We partner with Navarre and TND extend our reach to share this innovation with the world; the new name, ProStorage does the same thing with searches. Our mission is to provide the best data storage system, excellent value and superior service. Investing in the new name, ProStorage, aligns with our mission - our customers can find us easily and have a great experience from start to storage."

Storing hard drives and archiving data has typically been an expensive and inconvenient venture. ProStorage is safer than expensive, traditional methods of storage in three distinct ways. First, it is purposefully designed to fit into standard small and large file cabinet drawers, or bankers filing boxes, making storage simple and savings huge; ProStorage can be easily locked up secure from theft and fire. Secondly, ProStorage is designed using closed cell, anti-static, foam technology that protects your drives from static electricity and shock. Lastly, hard drives are constantly spinning and generating tremendous heat. This ultimately degrades the lifespan of the storage mechanisms and makes long term archiving unreliable and puts the data under high risk a peril no one with any amount of data can afford to risk. ProStorage is entirely offline, saving the hard drive from unnecessary damage.

In support of its collaboration with Navarre, ProStorage designated The Distribution Network (TDN) as its North American channel sales team. Since 1988, TDN has successfully launched and maintained hundreds of accessory, peripheral, and software products into the North American retail, corporate, education and distribution channels.

"Perfect for off-site data backup, safe storage of decommissioned drives, inexpensive disaster recovery," said Donna Corson, TDN founder and president. "ProStorage is a product we are thrilled to offer."

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About ProStorage
ProStorage is a breakthrough product for data storage. It delivers safe, reliable, lightweight and inexpensive storage that can be easily secured in a locked file cabinet, closet or safe. With sizes that accommodate 18 or 24 hard drives, ProStorage is purposefully designed to fit standard filing cabinets, making it easy to use and provides huge money saving value. It uses closed cell, anti-static foam technology that offers maximum protection for your drives from static electricity and shock.

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