Launches Affordable Online Prenuptial Agreements

October 16, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
San Francisco, CA - The creators of announce the website's official launch. is dedicated to simplifying and securing the prenuptial agreement process. Unlike traditional online document preparation services that offer boilerplate documents, at PRENUPcounsel each prenuptial agreement is customized by a licensed attorney for the customer's specific needs.

The process is designed to be secure and stress-free and features three simple steps. Standard package is $599, a significant savings over traditional law firms.

In order to protect both you and your future spouse, if you can answer "yes" to any of the following you need a prenup: * Own a home * Have stocks or retirement funds * Own a business *May receive an inheritance or have already * Children from previous marriage *Student Loan debts *Credit card debts

What is the best way to approach it with your future spouse? The research shows that mentioning a prenuptial agreement early on, well before marriage, is best. Both parties need to understand that it's never a one-sided agreement, but rather needs to be fair to both parties. knows the challenges associated with the prenuptial process and strives to remove the stress involved while ensuring that couples identify and protect their individual assets and liabilities.

The creators issued the following statement: "We are lawyers. Not paralegals, legal assistants, or document preparers. We recognized the need for quality, yet affordable legal services. Providing services via the internet allows us to keep costs down. We are not a "document factory" we have an actual attorney working on every single document that we produce." also provides postnuptial agreement and cohabitation agreements.

  • Easy 3 Step Process
  • Licensed Attorneys
  • Legally Valid In accordance with state law

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