Air Travel Center Announces China Domestic Electronic Ticketing: English and Chinese Internet booking engines available on site.

November 11, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Air Travel Center Announces China Domestic Electronic Ticketing: English and Chinese Internet booking engines available on site.

Enola, PA, US (11 Nov, 2005): Air Travel Center (, a research and shopping facility for travelers across the globe, has reached agreement with YOEE of Beijing, PRC that allows residents of China and travelers within or scheduled to visit China to book China national flights online and receive electronic tickets via email. For many domestic flights, tickets can be issued and sent within a few hours.

So now, if you are attending a conference in Shanghai and you get that email from your employer demanding that you meet a client in Guangzhou right away; not a problem. Go to and buy an eticket. Make that meeting and make an employer smile.

Among available airlines are: Air China, China Southern, Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, and Shanghai Airlines. All have accepted agreements with YOEE for acceptance of electronic tickets purchased online through the privately held airfare booking engine technology developed by YOEE and now shared with the Air Travel Center.

The Internet booking engine is easy to operate and comes in a Chinese and an English version. It gives PRC residents and travelers from the world over the ability to book a one way or return flight between any of 149 cities in China and receive an electronic ticket via email at any location worldwide.
Steve Brungard, spokesperson for the Center, said: "this is a great service for the people of China and for travelers coming to their country on vacation or business. As quickly as the Chinese authorities can enable it, we will add international flights to compliment the national. We have been watching for a reliable and tech advanced company in the PRC to partner with and we found YOEE."

About Air Travel Center:

Online since 1998, is a favored site for corporate and government executives, entrepreneurs, academians, scientists, diplomats and field professionals in many countries. It enables travelers, on any mission, to book a flight departing from any country and arriving in any other country or any number of countries from their current location. The Center holds agreements with more than 100 companies worldwide that have private airfare inventory and make it available to the general public. Nearly 4000 of such companies exist and in many countries but only a small portion of them make their privately held fares available to individuals and even fewer provide open Internet access via booking engines. Most remain focused on traditional markets like major agencies, companies and governments. The general traveler seldom becomes aware that companies buy airline tickets in bulk at 40 to 60 percent of the regular price and resell the tickets in their niche markets. The Air Travel Center will continue to contract for this type of inventory and make it available at the website. The downside to all this activity is the keyword "privately held". Over a hundred companies means over a hundred Internet booking engines because the inventory of each company is unique and their fares and itineraries are held in a proprietary database.

Shopping becomes an essential keyword. Usually less than an hour all tolled, but savings can amount to hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. The Center has posted many tips and offers guidance such that a person can usually save no less than one dollar for each minute devoted to shopping.

The Air Travel Center is a privately held interest of Rosemarie Metz-Brungard who is somewhat related to the spokesperson, Steve Brungard. The business name was registered with the Pennsylvania Corporation Bureau in 1998 and the website was put online on 22 Nov of that year. The stated business plan is a one liner: "provide a free air travel facility and juxtapose buying opportunities". The mission is a little more complex because the air travel industry is among the most complex and fragmentary industries on earth. Nonetheless, with online services, tips, tools, guidance, and content, the Center empowers any person or business on that earth to take their own advantage.

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