Home Automation Blog, Home-Auto.com, Partners with Grid2 for Energy Management Software and Consulting

October 18, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Home-Auto.com, a new home automation blog for the smart home industry, announces a partnership with energy management software consultants at Grid2.com. The partnership is aimed at expanding knowledge and sales for both home automation and energy management technologies; two interrelated consumer applications which are growing.

Home automation provides consumers and businesses with more control over nearly everything which occurs within the home structure or business building. For instance, today's smart home tools allow for controlled management of security, HVAC, lights, and even media. Smart controls, managed from a central home computer acting as a server, allow users to schedule or remotely change the home environment using web-based tools including smart phones, tablet and laptops.

Such controls place power back in the hand of the consumer by allowing for controlled management of when heating systems turn on and turn off and what temperature is the most optimal. Morning time heat, for instance, can be set to adjust when a homeowner awakes and then will adjust again when the homeowner leaves for work. Concurrently, the alarm system is also tied to the smart home solution, allowing clients to view live security cameras and even remotely activate and deactivate the system when needed. Ultimately, the home owner becomes the monitor of the system, calling the police if they see an intruder on the smart home security camera.

Home-Auto.com recognizes the need to solidify a marketable product mix and the partnership with Grid2 will be helpful in taking the next step toward enterprise energy management software within its home automation mix. Enterprise energy management software combined with home automation will also make it easier for the company to reaches niches in the public market who may not have given thought to automating all processes to save money, but who would greatly benefit from doing so.

About Grid2 Energy Management

Grid2 is a Seattle-based energy management software and utility consulting company. Their focus is to find smart grid applications for businesses and public utilities which enable such companies to have the tools necessary to save on regular heating and electricity bills. By allowing for data feedback of managed energy usage for enterprise customers, Grid2 gives businesses, non-profits and government facilities the ability to control energy consumption on a more granular level. In addition, Grid2 also helps consumers of electricity and natural gas find ways in which to cut costs and become more energy efficient. For more information, please visit http://grid2.com/

About Home-Auto.com

A smart home consulting provider, Home-Auto.com, seeks to advice individuals and small businesses on smart home control solutions for automating light, power, energy, security and media from a central command server within the home. Current home automation technologies are growing at a rapid rate and Home-Auto.com is working to expand relevant market information to potential home owners seeking to purchase home control systems.

Home-Auto.com is still seeking new partnerships among home automation hardware and software technologies. Interested companies are encouraged to reach out to the company directly. They can be reached through the company website: http://home-auto.com/