What happens when print bookstore meets eBook? Love at first sight

October 18, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Jerusalem, Israel (October 2012) It's been only one year since Jewish E-Books came onto the e-book scene, transforming the Jewish e-reading market with an impressive selection of fabulously-priced Jewish e-books. But following twelve months of success, indefatigable CEO Yosef Levy wants more: he's determined to help the formerly-digital-phobic print bookstores cash in on the e-book boom, too.

"It's no secret: e-books are the way of the future," asserts Levy, Jewish E-Books' innovative CEO. "But we don't want to leave the bookstores behind. By joining forces, we can all benefit."

A one-stop-shopping for all things Jewish and digital, Jewish E-Books has fast become the Jewish Amazon, a veritable Eden for booklovers worldwide. Offering over 1200 titles in Hebrew, English, and French, the site attracts both Jewish and non-Jewish readers looking for wholesome content-or out-of-print and rare books-at unbeatable prices.

Now, for the first time, the e-book giant is inviting bookstores to join in the fun. In this unprecedented partnership, bookstores who become Jewish E-Books sellers receive a cutting-edge e-book interface that enables on-site customers to select any featured e-book at checkout and receive it instantly to their device. What's more, customers can get e-book bundles: deals that provide both the printed and digital book versions, giving the flexibility of both options for home, work, travel - and of course, Shabbat.

"For Shabbat-observing Jews," says CEO Levy, "the print book will never become completely obsolete. But we're moving rapidly to a two-dimensional model; a world where e-books are for weekday and print books reserved for Shabbat."

For their part, the bookstores are thrilled with the opportunity. Long frightened by the prospect of becoming literary Neanderthals, they've jumped at the chance to integrate the irrepressible technology into their sales model-and jumpstart drooping revenues.

"It's obvious that we're heading toward everything digital-and books are no exception," says Yitzi Gruen, Manager at Brooklyn's Judaica Place, and a recently joined member of the e-bookstore program. "Jewish E-books has taken the lead by making good Jewish reading available on any e-reader. I believe this will result in an increase in Jewish reading-especially by teenagers-who are usually the first to embrace new gadgets"

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