Innovative Fishing Chum-Levels the playing field in big game saltwater fishing and offers a big boost to the struggling saltwater sportfishing industry

October 20, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Shark Chum Levels the Playing Field

Aquatic Nutrition Inc located in Eustis Florida has released its secret bait to the public. Bloodstream Top Predator Chum. The availability of quality fishing experiences has diminished as the economy has weakened. This innovative product is bringing fish closer to the fisherman. This saves time and money.

They say sport fishing is a rich mans game. Yes in many instances this is true. There are a few situations where it is not.

Fuel prices, a slow economy bordering on recession, the closure of many fish species to recreational harvests. All have played key roles in the slowing of the huge industry known as saltwater sport fishing.

There are a lot of comments made about the cost of offshore sport fishing and the cost of maintaining a boat. One of the most common is B-O-A-T Bust Out Another Thousand. These costs alone have limited the ability of most saltwater fisherman to have a shot at true trophy sized fish . With an expensive boat, you are able to go where the fish are. With the economic times we currently have, people have more time to go fishing but less discretionary income to spend. The tides are turning so to speak . Instead of focusing on driving the boat to the fish, the much overlooked science of "chumming" is bring the fish to the fisherman and many times without the use of a B-O-A-T.

What fish can reach a size of over a thousand pounds, will redily accept a dead bait fishing without any special motion or action, that can be caught using simple fishing gear and a lawn chair ( tied to a tree or other non movable object)? There is only one answer. The Shark. Is a shark a fish? No Its more than that. It is a creature that evokes fear, excitement, and hope for the sport fishing industry in dire need of a boost where prices are rising steadily, household incomes have declined, and the technology age of video games have replaced fishing gear in many of the next generations Christmas wishes.

Ranking as the overall top predator in the ocean, the shark is a versatile hard fighting fish. The worldwide distribution of the shark make them available to target as a game fish to anyone who dare tussle with them. Sharks to 500 pounds… and even bigger are caught each year by fishermen beach fishing for sharks. Sharks to well over 1000 pounds are caught while fishing for sharks offshore in boats. A lot of times the only difference in the size of the fish caught while shark fishing is the ability to maneuver and chase the fish . Hook a huge fish from the beach … and you better hold on. Hook it from a boat and you stand more of a chance. The point is, there are huge sharks close to shore just as well as offshore.

Shark fishing in Florida or any other place in the world offers something most other fish cannot…the chance to catch a true trophy sized fish without even stepping off the land. Almost all of the vast oceans contain sharks suitable for extreme sport fishing. Once only thought of as man-eaters, or by-catch, the popularity of shark fishing is growing exponentially. Television, internet videos and magazines have frequent stories showing people of all walks of life catching some really impressive trophies. Have you seen NBC's Today show where in "the one that got away", a bull shark jumps out of the water to snatch a smaller fish off the person's line ? Its been viewed over TEN MILLION times on youtube. How about the 400 plus pound bull shark caught just feet from a popular island near Ponce Inlet Florida?

With all the press and excitement, Beach fishing for sharks has become a new sport for some, and an ongoing obsession for others. Fish in the hundreds to almost a thousand pounds often cruise just yards of the safe haven of land. Grab your gear. Drive to your favorite saltwater (or even brackish water ) location and prepare for a battle most people have only dreamed about.

Shark fishing can be as technical as marlin fishing, or as simple as fishing in the local pond. Its your choice and that's a big part of the attraction. There are some basic needs for all shark fishing regardless of where you decide to fish.

Shark Fishing Gear - There are some basic needs for all shark fishing… regardless of where you decide to fish Chum , bait , saltwater , good rod reel ,and terminal tackle …in that order.

Chum – Fish or make chum. That's the normal chant spoken on many boats. Shark fishing chum is listed here as the most important piece of gear. The reason, is that sharks rely completely on their keen senses to locate food. The sense of smell ranks among the highest on the list as waters are often dirty where sharks hunt. Chumming for shark is the key ingredient to increase your chance of hooking a trophy. It is also the most underutilized portion. The reasons lie with the fact that chum is typically made from discarded fish carcasses, ground up baitfish , left over bait or whatever else is laying around . This does work but the inconvenience of keeping it cold so as not to spoil is a big drawback. The hit or miss quality of homemade shark chum also can severely limit the trophy opportunities. Any chum is better than no chum. Sharks are most attracted to blood. Sharks love bloody fish such as tuna, bonito, and mackerel. Sensing minute concentrations of blood and following the scent to the area of highest concentration Is how sharks find their food.

A company located in Eustis Floriida ( a stones throw away from New Smyrna Beach touted as "Shark Bite Capitol of the Worls") called Aquatic Nutrition Inc has developed a dry Shark chum that has been increasing the shark fishermen's chance of success tremendously. The product named Bloodstream Top Predator Chum comes in a non-refrigerated dry package. The user mixes a fish oil with the dry powder. Within minutes the mixture turns into a crimson red plastic like substance. It was described by one shark fisherman as "looking like a big bloody ball of bonito meat. Speaking with Vice president Joseph Pawlak he said: "The product is blood based and equal to the scent given off by the equivalent of 200 pound of fresh meat. It lasts up to 10 hours and releases a continuous stream of blood with very little mess. It allows the shark fishing enthusiast to always be prepared . They keep it in the boat for the offshore trips . They also keep behind the seat in the pickup truck for those times the beach shark fishing bite is going off. Its making more people more successful shark fishing regardless of income level" increasing the success of fisherman.

Shark Bait - The second most important thing is the shark bait. As described earlier, sharks like to feed on oils fish. Many of the most successful shark fisherman swear by a big slab of Bonito or Spanish Mackerel. These oily fish are natural prey for sharks . These baits are often available at the local bait store although there are other options. Fresh or live baits can be hard to beat. A live bait-fish such as a croaker or lively pinfish struggling is sure to be noticed by sharks that have already been drawn to your site by the chum. These are all fairly easy to catch . When the chum is deployed, the first fish to typically show up are the smaller baitfish, followed by the larger fish and ultimately sharks . the typical scenario is to put out the chum . Rig up your rod with a small jig or small hook tipped with whatever you can find. A fiddler crab , a flashy piece of rubber bait or anthing else. These small fish are turned on and fairly easy to catch . Use the first bait fish as small cut baits to land about half a dozen more baits. This is called "trading up fishing". Start with the smallest fish and end up with the largest possible. Sooner or later the "bait bite " will stop abruptly. This is a good sign that something big has moved in. Probably a top predator…. A shark. Now you have your shark baits, its time to get serious. Rig them up and get them out there.

Placement of a shark bait is just as important as the other components. The shark chum should be located at the point closest to you and in an area where there is a outward flow. This could be a riptide on the beach, an outgoing tide at the inlet, or over the side of the boat where the current will carry the chum scent away. The shark bait must be placed downstream of the main shark chum location. Sharks will follow the chum slick first by picking up the very smallest particle furthest from your location. They will then typically zig-zag and swim closer into area of higher scent levels. During this search, the sharks are excited and ready to strike as soon as they get the opportunity. Your shark bait should be placed in the path so the shark can find it on the way to the chum ball. A bloody filet or a struggling baitfish is a sure fire way to increase your possibility of success.

Shark Fishing Locations - Herein lies the secret success of shark fishing. You bring the sharks to you instead of driving a boat to the sharks. Great places to shark fish include inlets, along the beach or off shore. Good flowing current will carry your chum scent a long ways away. The longer the chum slick the higher probability the shark will cross its path and follow. When fishing offshore, a great place to start are areas that naturally attract fish such as artificial reefs and wrecks as well as natural anomalies such as cracks and ledges. If there is food around, the top predators will be there. Brackish water estuaries also attract some really big sharks and can be a big surprise to the unsuspecting fisherman wielding a tiny spinning rod.
Shark Fishing Rods and Reels- What do you want to use? This is more a question rather than a statement of "to catch sharks you MUST use" . Shark fishing popularity has also grown because they can be targeted with a fly rod (mako fishing off of San Diego California). They can be targeted with lighter spinning gear for a highly technical fight. You can also bring a 80 class wide reel and broomstick rod to the fight.-The later should also include a tether device or safety person to prevent the angler from going for a swim. Regardless of what you choose, a reel with a smooth drag is very important as these fish can put on some amazingly powerful runs.

Terminal Tackle for Sharks - We have seen everything from 25/0 hooks the size of your hand down to light wire circle hooks the size of your fingernail. The terminal tackle should be matched to the size of shark you target and the line and rod class you are fishing. Some people swear by wire leaders prior to the hook. Others have seen the unique design of a circle hook plant perfectly in the corner or the mouth and landed some impressive fish without wire. This makes for a great picture, some bragging ability and of course a nice picture prior to release. The typical shark rig consists of a mainline tied to a swivel and 6 feet or so of fluorocarbon leader or wire and then the hook. In some cases a weight is added. In other cases the bait is allowed to drift. Most agree, fishing with fluorocarbon increases your bites, even if you do occasionally get cut off.

How to fish for sharks - This again is up to the fisherman. Some just toss the bait downstream of the chum and let it sit on the bottom with a weight. Others attach a balloon and let it drift with the current. Some prefer to bait and switch as in marlin fishing , only pitching the bait when the shark appears. The choices and possibilities are endless.

Catch and release. Speaking with government officials about the commercial harvest of sharks we repeatedly herd. "Sharks are sometimes commercially harvested only for their fins. This wasteful practice yields very short term profits Think of it as chopping down the tree to pick the apple off the top. Sport fishing is not about the kill. Its about the pursuit, the battle and the ultimate landing of a truly great fish . These magnificent fish deserve a lot of respect and most agree that the true economic gain does not come from the making of shark fin soup…. But by the sale of bait, tackle, hotel rooms and the economic boost shared by all involved indirectly. When the shark is released, another person can start their pursuit for a trophy and great picture."

Innovation is the mother of necessity. The need to create new ways to fish and alternative species has led Aquatic Nutrition to develop products to allow fishermen the opportunity to pursue of their fishing dreams. Bloodstream Top Predator Chum brings them a lot closer to their dreams. We look forward to hearing more about the successes in sport shark fishing worldwide and the increased interest in the sport of trophy shark fishing.