Ryson International Champions 'Unleash Small Business' Event with Former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez

October 23, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
October 23, 2012 - Ryson International opened its doors to small business owners last Thursday, October 18th, as it hosted the "Unleash Small Business" event held by former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez.

Ryson, as one of Yorktown's largest manufacturers, jumped at the chance to show support for small business and host the event. Carlos Gutierrez spoke with close to 100 small business owners about candidate Mitt Romney's plan to support small businesses, strengthen the middle class, and champion manufacturing jobs to bring them back to U.S shores.

As Gutierrez pointed out, "We have heard Mitt Romney's plan to turn our economy around. [He] will champion small business and return America to the best place to start a business or hire a worker. He is committed to reforming the tax code, ensuring trade works for America, and cutting our nation's deficit."

This event is one of several taking place across the nation in an effort to build awareness and support for small business as the engine driving the U.S. economy.

As founder and CEO of Ryson, the topic of small business is near and dear to Ole Rygh's heart. "We are on an unsustainable path here in America. We're hampered by new regulations and our picture of the future is foggy. Here at Ryson International, we have new projects we could launch, but we're waiting to see a clearer path for our futures."

About Ryson International
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