Clarity Water Products to Add New Products to Fluoride Filter Line

October 25, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Vista, CA Today, many families prefer to avoid fluoride in their tap water. Many major cities still add small amounts fluoride to their water, despite some scientific reports pointing to the danger of this chemical. To offer homeowners the option well selection of fluoride filters. To supplement the current line of fluoride filters offered by Clarity Water Products, the company will continue to add more filters and products for clients to choose from.

An alarming number of reports over these past few years link fluoride in our water to various unwanted health effects for humans and animals. Fluoride filters from Clarity Water Products remove this potentially dangerous chemical, which has been known to cause arthritis, bone cancer, brain damage, cellular damage and suppressed immune function, when consumed in excess. Fluoride filters are specifically designed to make water safer for consumption, without adding more chemicals.

Water entering the Aquafer Plus fluoride filter first passes down through a patented catalytic magnetic chamber that changes the properties of dissolved calcium; making the water wetter and preventing hard water scale from forming. This re-structured water now flows upward through KDF media, to remove chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals. As the water enters the top tank it continues upward through calcium-rich media specifically designed to remove fluoride and heavy metals.

Clarity Water Products currently offers an expanding selection of fluoride filters with capabilities to filter water for the whole house, as well as stand-alone fluoride filters for homes that already have whole-house filters. These filtration systems will absorb unwanted contaminants for up to 10 years, in a four person household. With Clarity Water Products' economical refill package filters keep working at top efficiency for a lifetime.

For additional information about fluoride filtration systems and to request a quote, visit, or call 800-860-2477.

About Clarity Water Products:
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