XP Security 2013 Does Not Secure Your Computer or Remove Spyware

October 25, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
XP Security 2013 is part of a growing threat that plays on the gullible aptitude of many PC users who have no idea that XP Security 2013 is a fake antispyware program. These schemes usually commences with the installation of XP Security 2013 from either a Trojan horse or malicious file download from a questionable site or source online. After installed, XP Security 2013 is known for its aggravation from a multitude of pop-up alerts attempting to warn PC users of detected viruses and other malware threats. XP Security 2013 continues on its path to utter destruction through rendering bogus system scan results.

XP Security 2013 has been found by security experts at EnigmaSoftware.com. The complete process of money extortion concludes when PC users believe that by obtaining a registered copy of XP Security 2013 will alleviate their problems, or at least stop the annoying virus alert pop-ups from appearing. Either way, when XP Security 2013 is purchased the pop-ups do not stop, and it does not make any effort to remove so-called viruses or malware it supposedly detected.

XP Security 2013 is not much different from previously detected rogue antispyware programs, such as XP Total Security 2013, Win 7 Defender and even Vista Defender 2013. These programs all represent a serious threat that ultimately swindles computer users out of money. PC users who look for an outlet to remove XP Security 2013, may face serious opposition when using the conventional uninstallation method through the Windows control panel. Basically, XP Security 2013 cannot be removed or uninstalled using that method.

Manually removing XP Security 2013 has also been an opposed action due to the nature of fake security programs like XP Security 2013. These applications, upon installation, are apt to populating different folders with malicious files. Not to mention, the Windows Registry is populated with malicious entries. Usually, it takes a computer expert to find and remove these files to complete the manual removal process of XP Security 2013.

At any given rate, it is best to utilize the proper antispyware resource to remove XP Security 2013 from a Windows PC. EnigmaSoftware.com's XP Security 2013 Removal Report http://www.enigmasoftware.com/xpsecurity2013-removal/ provides popular resources to automatically remove XP Security 2013.