XP Antivirus 2013 Conducts Malicious Behavior to Trick PC Users Out of Money & Info

October 25, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
XP Antivirus 2013 is a rogue antivirus application that has a look closely resembling that of legitimate antivirus applications available for Windows-based PCs. XP Antivirus 2013 is known to render several actions to gain the trust of PC users. After the trust is gained, XP Antivirus 2013 will attempt to sell a registered copy of itself for a high price promising to remove so-called detected malware.

The behavior of XP Antivirus 2013, as outlined in the XP Antivirus 2013 Removal Report from EnigmaSoftware.com, is quite the aggressive type. XP Antivirus 2013 is known to render several misleading pop-up alerts attempting to warn PC users of detected viruses on their system. Additionally, XP Antivirus 2013 will attempt to run system scans returning a results list full of erroneous virus and malware threats. In all, these actions are all part of a scheme to gain the trust of PC users or literally scare them into buying XP Antivirus 2013, so it can supposedly remove the detected threats.

In the full spectrum of XP Antivirus 2013, it was found by security experts at EnigmaSoftware.com to be very similar to previously identified rogue antivirus programs such as File Restore and XP Defender 2013. These programs represent a scam and their main objective is to extort money from PC users willing to give the deceptive application a chance to remove purported viruses and other malware.

XP Antivirus 2013 is a program that will end up having a gullible PC user's wallet wide open to the tune of $70 or more. Purchasing a registered copy of XP Antivirus 2013 will not enable additional functions. Nor will it add any functionality to XP Antivirus 2013 for removing legitimate viruses and malware.

The removal of XP Antivirus 2013, as explained on http://www.enigmasoftware.com/xpantivirus2013-removal/, is no simple task for PC users who do not have the necessary resources. This is where EnigmaSoftware.com has made it easy for those who wish to clean their system of the aggravating program XP Antivirus 2013. The resources provided on the XP Antivirus 2013 removal report are able to automatically eliminate XP Antivirus 2013 and any other malware that may be lurking on their system.