Monster beats authorized dealer blows out Monster Beats headphones by Dr Dre with up to 60% off

October 29, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Monster cable authorized dealer blows out 2013 New style Monster Beats headphones. Monster Beats professional headphones scratch-resistant smooth mirror, foldable, and change line design, equipped with leather material cup ear muffs, speakers and power isolation technology, better in the field of low frequency, very suitable for R & B songs, while using active noise reduction technology, and outside noise by issuing the same amount but opposite phase sound waves, the noise in and can effectively reduce outside noise interference, static enjoy the wonderful music details.

Dr dre beats music headphones may be the latest listing of a designed for music enthusiasts to create high-end music headphones. The styling of the headset is stylish and hard, and the whole body from top to bottom, the letter expressed the masculine atmosphere of pure man. Hyperactivity circle units used to enhance the sense of the amount and texture from the sound, Monster Cable, and achieved better results on the spatial orientation. The vibration device that accompany integrated into earmuffs, primarily for game development. But the biggest feature of this headset is in the playback section. Earmuffs on sides are each one of the two "ears", this part is used to place the auxiliary unit. Monster Headphones, the quality of the headset wearing sense of slightly heavy. Better resolving power and separation, Monster Beats By Dre, the entire sound field is relatively open, voice and listen underneath the spatial orientation of the instrument can seem to be their very own distribution. Overall, the beats dre headset won't make you an ear that is pleasure.

The Beats Pro by Dr Dre. At $449.95 (direct) is a serious pair of headphones designed for the modern DJ. The ear cups flip backwards to free one ear, the cable is detachable, and jacks on both ear cups act not only as inputs, but as outputs to send audio to a friend's headphones. The Beats Pro sounds excellent-there's plenty of bass, but the high frequencies are accurately reproduced, as well. The potential deal breaker for standard users and DJs alike: they're heavy and not comfortable when worn for long periods.

Monster's Beats by Dr Dre Studio is closed, home/studio-style noise-canceling headphones that sit over the ears. These headphones can only be used with the noise-canceling feature engaged, and are intended for use with iPods, iPads, some cell phones, as well as standard audio devices. It comes with detachable audio cords that use standard and modified stereo mini-plugs. The Beats by Dr Dre come with a detachable 49-inch long standard audio cord, and detachable 49-inch long audio cord with an inline microphone and remote control with player and call connect/disconnect controls that can be used with iPods, iPhones, iPads, and some cell phones. This model also includes, a mini-plug-to-1/4-inch adapter and a carrying case, and is covered by a 12-month warranty.