TINYhr™ Releases TINYpulse™ Giving Leaders a Pulse on Their People

November 01, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
November 1, 2012 - SEATTLE- Did you know that only 45% of employees can recite their companies' vision, mission, and cultural values. Or that one employee just wanted another coffee maker to make her happier at work when she was asked for a suggestion? For business owners, the answers to these questions can be the difference between building a great culture that attracts top talent to one where employees flee, happiness drains, and the culture rots. TINYpulse™ launched today to help overwhelmed leaders get a pulse on how happy, burnt out, and frustrated their team is.

Leaders can now sign up their company for TINYpulse patent pending solution and receive one, simple weekly TINYpulse email that pertains to employee happiness, engagement, and retention. Employees anonymously respond to these weekly TINYpulses, and employers login to see a dashboard of the responses. It's analytics for a company's most valuable assets - their people and culture.

In addition, to the one weekly TINYpulse question, respondents can also provide Cheers for Peers™ and virtual suggestions. Each employee can send one kudos message a week to another employee who brightened their day or who went the extra mile. The person sending Cheers can also choose to send it anonymously or with their email address attached. Finally, virtual suggestions replace the wooden suggestion box in the break room. Ideas flow in that are both longer term opportunities to low hanging fruit, like the request to post the company's org chart and career path.

The response from employers has been overwhelming. Peter Chee, CEO of thinkspace raves, "TINYpulse has provided me a layer of visibility into the organization that was never there before. I appreciate getting feedback about how employees really feel about the work environment and it is clearly my number one focus now."

The response from employees has been equally glowing. Employees are saying, "I think it is a really good way to stay connected and on top of being a great team. My favorite part is that it is low effort and takes minimal time." Another employee adds, "It has been company changing! Thank YOU!"

David Niu, Founder and CEO of TINYhr, shares, "As a serial entrepreneur, I intuitively knew that people and culture was my most important assets; however, I was pulled in so many directions as the CEO that I didn't focus on my team as much as I should. As a result, small problems and cracks would grow and fester. With TINYpulse I'm providing leaders a lightweight solution to quickly get a pulse on how their people are feeling and to build bridges within the organization to spark positive change."

Any organization can sign up for a free 30 day trial at TINYpulse.com. After signing up, they'll be able to see:

  • How their people respond to a baseline set of questions
  • How their company benchmarks against other organizations
  • How employees feel with both qualitative and quantitative responses
  • Virtual suggestions (since how many employees use the open door policy?)
  • Cheers for Peers(TM) and how peers recognize each other
  • How sharing these insights spark positive changes and results

  • To learn more about TINYpulse, please visit www.tinypulse.com.

    About TINYhr™

    TINYhr™ was started by David Niu, who previously founded NetConversions (sold to "AQNT") and BuddyTV. David recently sold everything, stuffed everything else in storage, and bought one-way tickets to New Zealand for his wife, his 10-month old daughter at the time, and himself. For six months they traveled around-the-world, and he also interviewed entrepreneurs about best practices and pain points around managing people, leadership, and culture. Upon returning, David focused on what he learned from these global business owners to develop TINYhr's first solution- TINYpulse(TM). The goal of TINYpulse is to give leaders a pulse on how happy, burnt out, and frustrated their employees are so that they can build bridges to spark dialogue for positive change.

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    David Niu