KIOSK Technology Close to the Client

November 16, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A recent report by Media Signage shows that using KIOSK based digital networks is one of the fastest growing methods in regards to commercial use and having a close connection with the customer. In mid 2012, Media Signage ( has released a new version of the Signage Studio, a very powerful Digital Signage creation and management application. One of the main features of this incredible application is the use of components to build a presentation and one of those components is the KIOSK module.

The KIOSK module is available for FREE or for a low cost subscription. While other Digital Signage companies with no exception are fundamentally infrastructure companies based around clients with deep pockets, Media Signage says it's all about the customer. Digital Signage is a fancy name that describes a software application which is really no different in its core components than any other hosting service; and yet the current industry pricing is simply outrageous. And price is just one aspect. Digital Signage companies today offer services in technologies that are limited. They don't offer multi OS support; use legacy HTML web technologies for back end management and user interface so complex and none intuitive that it often makes the most technical GURU think twice if it's better to just get the job done with PowerPoint.

Using this truly revolutionary software application will make any business grow and help any entrepreneur be closer to his clients. And above all having developed presentations based on using the KIOSK module will simply make the life easier for anyone trying to connect with its customers in an intuitive and digital oriented way.

This is exactly what happened at a local Coffee Shop from west side, Ohio. The management replaced all the traditional menu boards with Ipads that have installed on them a Signage Player connected to the Signage Studio platform. They are using the mediaCLOUD Enterprise edition, for an affordable monthly subscription and they have access to the most advanced Digital Signage platform to date. They can brand the solution, use the advertising engine, set up multi users, and do lots more.

But by far, the most interesting solution is the KIOSK module and its usage as a digital menu board. It works very simple and intuitively from the client's point of view. Whenever a client is entering the restaurant, he gets an Ipad and he can search for food items and drinks in an interactive way. The signage presentation does it all.

But how does this all Cloud thing work? In real-estate it's all about location, in the cloud it's all about security. Securing the cloud is fundamental to its success. It is a core component in the Media Signage digital signage network. Information is safely and securely stored and accessed through an authorized process called public / private key encryption process. More companies are transitioning into the cloud because it makes economic sense. And media Signage thinks that components like the KIOSK module and others, used in conjunction with the Signage application makes the best possible choice for anyone.