File Recovery Fumbles When It Comes to Being a Real Hard Drive Defragmenter

November 07, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
File Recovery may seem much like a harmless application made available to PC users who may have hard drive issues that greatly reduce system performance. At times, hard drive maintenance is required to get a Windows PC back up to normal operating conditions. File Recovery pretends to offer the type of service to perform these so-called helpful actions but has been found to be an outright failure at doing so.

Within newly released reports by, a trusted PC security site, it is outlined how File Recovery was created to be a method for hackers to extort money from PC users. These methods usually takes place after the installation of File Recovery. File Recovery is actually a scam. File Recovery initially comes from Trojans obtained from malicious downloads or web sites harboring malware.

Once installation of File Recovery takes place on a Windows PC, it tends to render several false pop-up alerts attempting to notify PC users of found hard drive issues. File Recovery will continually display these alerts attempting to gain the trust of computer users. Once trust is gained, PC users may be prompted to purchase a registered copy of File Recovery to fix and solve the supposed hard drive issues.

By purchasing File Recovery, it will not enable File Recovery to fix those supposed hard drive issues. Instead, File Recovery will be a useless application that has just taken a PC user's money and sent it to the hackers who created File Recovery. There are several other programs that have been found to be related to File Recovery, such as File Rescue and XP Antivirus Pro 2013. These programs are believed to be part of a hacker group's money extortion tools.

A particular characteristic to note about File Recovery is that it closely resembles and behaves much like a legitimate hard drive defragmentation program or one that was created by trusted companies to provide hard drive repair functions for PCs. Having a similar interface of legitimate apps, File Recovery may trick a number of computer users, so they may ultimately waste their money on buying the File Recovery program.

The task of removing rogueware, along with File Recovery, can be performed using resources provided on a newly released removal report on at