Luxembourg Police Virus Ransomware Affecting French PC Users with Money-Swindling Messages

November 07, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The determination of Luxembourg Police Virus being ransomware was concluded by several trusted security resource sites on the Internet. On these sites, Luxembourg Police Virus has been dissected and uncovered as a scam that attempts to extort money from PC users through a completely misleading message.

The message relayed by the Luxembourg Police Virus is one that claims the Luxembourg Police has detected illegal activity including viewing of pornography and spreading music or video files. Luxembourg Police Virus message visually looks the part of what a police department website would resemble.

Deception is the game of Luxembourg Police Virus, and it plays it very well. The Luxembourg Police Virus message uses legitimate payment sources such as Ukash and PaySafeCard to collect a fine that is asked to be paid for the purported illegal activity detected. To further promote the fine, Luxembourg Police Virus tends to hold a PC for ransom by locking it up and preventing access to some programs or features.

Luxembourg Police Virus has been found to have ties with the hackers that created and spread other ransomware threats such as Anonymous Virus Ransomware, 'Windows Genuine Advantage' Trojan Ransomware, Ukash Virus, Reveton Ransomware and FBI Moneypak Ransomware.

PC users wanting to unlock their PC due to the Luxembourg Police Virus infection, may have the single option of obtaining resources to remove Luxembourg Police Virus automatically. It is through the automatic removal process of Luxembourg Police Virus using an antispyware program where PC users are able to unlock their system and eliminate the complete Luxembourg Police Virus infection.

The software engineers and researchers at have released a new Luxembourg Police Virus Removal Report to eliminate Luxembourg Police Virus.