Hottest Toy for Holidays Comes with Safety In Mind

November 17, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Los Angeles, CA (November 17, 2012) - With the continued rise in popularity of airsoft guns, companies like Airsplat are stressing the importance of safety above all else. Making sure airsoft owners are cautious when displaying their replicas in public is now a critical issue and could decide the fate of the airsoft industry in Southern California.

For the past few years, tensions have been steadily growing amongst the airsoft industry and lawmakers, as each side argues how to best prevent situations where law enforcement cannot identify the authenticity of a gun. California State Senator, Kevin De Leon, brought forth Senate Bills 798 and 1315 which seek to ban all airsoft and bb guns in California unless they were brightly colored. De Leon and Los Angeles Police Chief, Charlie Beck, are the key figures behind the assault on airsoft in Los Angeles County. De Leon and Beck's rationale is that a bright orange, blue, white, yellow or green weapon would eliminate any confusion between a replica and real weapon; however, this argument proves dubious. Regardless of their color, consumers could easily paint any air soft gun. It also would not keep owners of real guns from painting them with bright colors to make them look like replica guns. SB 798 was successfully voted down but SB 1315 passed earlier this year.

Understanding the importance of transporting replica guns and that the usage of any airsoft guns are done properly and responsibly are a couple of the key safety issues stressed by the airsoft community. Airsplat expects there to be a spike in airsoft sales this holiday season. As airsoft guns become more common in households around the US and Canada, airsoft retailers cannot express the importance of safety enough. Once the gun is purchased, the new owner must be aware that most airsoft guns are made to intentionally replicate a real gun and that without the 6mm. orange tip, distinguishing airsoft guns from real guns is nearly impossible.

Airsoft remains a growing sport. Like any sport, safety is always a concern and Airsplat is making sure that they are doing necessary things to promote safe airsoft play. On Airsplat's website they lay out guidelines to insure that parents and their kids are aware of the proper ways to transport their airsoft gun and when it's okay to have them out in public. Airsplat is hopeful that through the holiday season and 2013 there will continue to be no incidents involving safety, as the airsoft community continues its campaign to promote airsoft safety.

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Contact: Brenton Bowen