Proof of Concept helps in decision-making for database archiving

November 26, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Großköllnbach, Novemver 26th 2012. To allow companies to accurately assess the potential of their relational databases for database archiving, CSP GmbH & Co. KG is now offering a standardised Proof of Concept (POC). As part of the POC two existing databases are examined in detail by the provider's database experts. The reporting takes into account both the proportion of inactive data that generally affects the performance of the production database, and the size of the backup. CSP also determines when the investment in the database archiving solution Chronos will have paid for itself (ROI). In order to optimally prepare for a decision, existing or newly defined service level agreements are also examined as another criterion for database archiving in line with compliance requirements. The Chronos software, a standard software developed by CSP, is installed on suitable hardware as part of the POC. This allows for archiving and archive access for evaluation purposes and enables employees to experience the application's ease of use first-hand with their own data. The evaluation licence under the POC is valid for two months.

The POC also includes a workshop, in which the participating IT managers, administrators and representatives of the departments jointly determine the inactive data. Together with the database archiving experts, an archiving concept is modelled, which also takes into account the relational dependencies.

"The Chronos Proof of Concept is a great opportunity for companies who want to securely archive their database in line with compliance requirements. Other common reasons for database archiving include storage-related savings or simply poor performance of the productive database. Is also possible that existing applications are to be disused and migration appears uneconomical. In such cases, database archiving may be an ideal solution. The Proof of Concept also gives companies more security when choosing our standard solution", Kilian Götz, product manager at CSP GmbH & Co. KG, sums up the benefits of the product.

CSP specialises in database archiving. With the standard software Chronos, users relieve their relational databases and reduce their storage costs in the long term. In addition, Chronos also consistently meets compliance requirements relating to retention periods and document clarity and integrity. Finally, the software also makes it possible to switch off legacy applications. If required, however, they can be recovered if legacy data are required again at some point during the retention period. More recently, a new CHRONOS interface, the Archive Explorer, has also facilitated convenient archive research and data access.